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About the Findhorn Foundation

Over the past 60 years, thousands of people have shared transformative learning experiences with us – retreats, workshops and conferences that have created time to pause and rest, ask questions and reflect on life, while deepening the connection to spirituality and nature.

It’s transformative for us too. While we’re an education charity, we’re also a community of wildly different souls who are trying to live the vision of creating a better world, by starting on ourselves.

People at an attunement in a circle in Cullerne Garden in the sun
People at an attunement in a circle in Cullerne Garden

Our guiding practices

The Findhorn Foundation welcomes all expressions of spiritual growth among ourselves and our guests. As a Community we’re guided by three simple practices: Inner Listening, Co-creation with the intelligence of nature, and Work as love in action. 

Where we are

The Findhorn Foundation is based in The Park Ecovillage, a beautiful private estate on Findhorn Bay near Inverness in the north of Scotland. We also have three other sites – Cluny Hill, the Isle of Erraid, and Traigh Bhan on Iona.

Aerial drone shot of The Park and Field of Dreams houses, Findhorn from the sky.
The Park, Findhorn

The Park is on the estuary of the Findhorn River, with the beach and historic village of Findhorn just a short walk away through the woods and dunes.

Landscape view of Cluny Hill from the golf course in Forres
Cluny Hill, Forres

Cluny Hill is a stately Victorian building about eight miles away above the nearby town of Forres. A former hotel, Cluny is set in stunning gardens next to a golf course.

The houses on the wild island of Erraid, viewed across the sea (Photo by Geoff Dalglish)
Isle of Erraid

On the wildly beautiful West Coast of Scotland, we also have a small community of 10 to 12 people on Erraid, which is off the Isle of Mull. Guests are welcome for retreat weeks.

Traigh Bhan on the island of Iona, with the beach and sea behind (Photo by Mark Richards - Aurora Imaging)
Retreats on Iona

The sacred Isle of Iona, also off Scotland’s West Coast, has been a place of spiritual pilgrimage for thousands of years. A variety of retreats are held in our magical retreat house on the beach through the year.

Pia cooking in the kitchen at Cluny Hill

Living, listening, learning

From meditation and spiritual deepening, to permaculture and nature connection, the Findhorn Foundation offers a massive variety of inspiration, learning and skills development. 

Our workshops, events, courses and retreats take place online or here in Scotland, or sometimes both! We also support programmes offered by friends of the Foundation whose learning aligns with ours. We hope you find something that inspires you!

Lagonda car pulling the original caravan to Findhorn Bay Holiday Park by the Caddys

How the Findhorn Foundation began

Our story has a very unlikely beginning. Our founders hadn’t actually intended to create a community – rather, the community found them. On the way they turned a windswept wasteland into astonishing food gardens, and formed a centre that’s inspired world change makers and seekers for 60 years.

Findhorn in the media

Read the stories and watch the TV shows about the Findhorn Foundation that have appeared in media around the world – or get in touch if you’d like to pay a media visit.

Resource people

There’s a network of community members around the world – we call them Resource People – whom you can ask about the Findhorn Foundation. They’ve either lived here or visited many times, and have taken the inspiration they found here back to their own areas.

Many also offer group activities, and they’re a good way to link up with like-minded people in your area. With 169 people in 36 countries, we hope you can find someone close to you.

Annual Report

Read the Findhorn Foundation Annual Report for the business year ending 31 January 2021.

Meet the Trustees and Findhorn Fellows

The trustees

Findhorn Foundation Trustees group photo 2020

We are registered as an educational charitable trust with trustees.

Findhorn Fellows

Caroline Myss - Findhorn Fellow

Findhorn Fellows are people we love and honour for their work in the world, who have strong connections with the Findhorn Foundation.

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