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Experience Week
from now until June 2016
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A Christmas Retreat
21 - 28 December
An opportunity to be with our inner nature, as well as to join in with the Findhorn community seasonal celebrations and rituals. An invitation to touch your stillness and your joy.

The Game of Transformation (7 Day Game)
28 December - 3 January 2016
Under the expert guidance of a trained Game facilitator, exercise your initiative and imagination as you navigate your 'life path', recognise your strengths, resolve challenges and explore possibilities - just like in life!

New Year Celebration - Crossing the Threshold
28 December - 3 January
with Barbara Swetina, Javier Rodriguez and Fabien Barouch. Consciously step over the threshold into a new year. Celebrate in a way you have never done before with sacred songs and dances, meditation, ritual and relaxation.

Falling in Love with Where You Are: Unconditionally Embracing the Pain and Joy of Life
30 January - 5 February 2016
Can true HEALING begin exactly where we are? Jeff Foster invites us to awaken to the beauty and poetry of our lives.

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