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Experience Week
July - August - September
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Essence and Empowerment - The Tara Approach
12 - 18 September
Join international practitioner and author Stephanie Mines as she leads us in reclaiming the self that restores the health of the physical and energetic bodies simultaneously.

Caroline Myss - The Essential Guide for Healers and Healing
7 - 9 November
Energy healing is every bit as much a science as allopathic medicine is, though it is also a mystical science. Join Caroline as she delves into the mystical teachings that are now essential for practitioners of the healing arts.

Hara Intensive - A Centering Retreat
3 - 9 October
A week-long retreat to focus on the body and practices that enhance coming to our centre in our hara, the subtle dimension from which we create our world.

Pathways to the Self
3 October
A modular programme spread out over a year intended for anyone interested in committed self-enquiry and aspiring towards a deeper sense of presence with the Self and another.

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