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Explore your new story in our experiential learning centre and ecovillage, surrounded by a stunning Scottish landscape of beach, bay and forest.
Expect a miracle...

Upcoming Events

Experience Week

If you are visiting for the first time - the best introduction to this vibrant, international, spiritual community.

Youth Experience Week

We welcome all young people to this energised week, specifically for people aged 14–17 to experience and develop community.

Love, Relationships and Miracles

Join Hollie and Robert Holden for a three day retreat working with A Course in Miracles.

Spiritual Activism

Imagine working for world change in a way that makes you more alive, in tune with your sense of deepest purpose. This is the possibility that spiritual activism holds for you.

Blog Posts and News

Easter Talks 2018: Freya Secrest and Subtle Energy

BlogApril 8, 2018 by Thomas Miller

Freya Secrest

Freya Secrest is a Lorian Association teacher and long time friend of the Findhorn Foundation. She is also an expert in working with non-physical energies (also called subtle energies, since the ways we sense them are …read more!

Easter Talks 2018: David Spangler and the Subtle Worlds

BlogApril 7, 2018 by Thomas Miller

David Spangler

David Spangler is one of the world’s leading spiritual teachers and researchers exploring the subtle worlds. He has been aware of non-physical beings all his life and has built his body of teachings from his …read more!

Easter Talks 2018: Jeremy Berg & the Sidhe

BlogApril 6, 2018 by Thomas Miller

Jeremy Berg

Jeremy Berg is a Lorian Association teacher and owner of Lorian Press. For many years, he has also been working in collaboration with the Sidhe. The Sidhe could be described as a branch of humanity that never entered …read more!

Being in Findhorn reminds me that powerful and positive visions for the future can be realised. I constantly ask myself how I can integrate this sense of joy, connection & inspiration into my daily life.
Ed Gillespie, co-founder, Futerra