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Experience Week
September - December 2015
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Exploring Reality - Living Reality
31 October - 2 November
We're delighted to welcome back James to Findhorn as he guides us in realising the rich gamut of human experience that is the very expression of our being.

Caroline Myss - The Essential Guide for Healers and Healing
7 - 9 November
Energy healing is every bit as much a science as allopathic medicine is, though it is also a mystical science. Join Caroline as she delves into the mystical teachings that are now essential for practitioners of the healing arts.

The Genie in the Bottle
17 - 23 October
A week-long workshop to explore the dance between freeing our creative spirit or keeping it "bottled up", discovering a gateway to expansion and evolution.

The Way of Harmony - Evolving Personal and Collective Consciousness
21 - 27 November
Join Energy Practitioner and Aikido Master Michael Wolff as we focus on expanding both individual and collective consciousness.

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