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Experience Week
July - August - September
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Arms That Hold Us Rites of Passage in Community
5 - 11 September
How can we welcome ourselves and one another into each new stage of our lives? How can times of change become graceful and empowering transitions?

Children of the Elements - Caretakers of the Earth
22 - 28 August
Through dance and song, poetry and prayer, meditation and shamanic journeying, we will explore and celebrate the great cosmic forces, opening our lives to their blessings and creating balance and harmony within and without.

Summer Retreat Weeks on Iona
July and August
Situated on the west coast of Scotland, Traigh Bhan, the Foundation's retreat house on the sacred island of Iona, is the perfect place for spiritual rest and renewal.

We Do Not Die - Expanding Consciousness Through Near-Death and Other Mystical Experiences
26 - 29 September
Our Autumn conference is aimed at the expansion of consciousness on an individual and a major cultural level.

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