Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance for Sunday 27 November

Have love and confidence in one another, for love and confidence in a soul enable it to flower and develop, so it can take on responsibilities and grow in strength and stature. You cannot expect a child to grow in stature if everything is done for it. It has to be taught to think for itself, to make its own decisions and not rely on its parents to do all its thinking for it. It is not easy to see loved ones making the wrong decision and yet at times it has to be done, so that they learn certain lessons. Lessons can be learnt the easy way, but often when they are learnt the hard way they are never forgotten. So never be overprotective; learn to take your hands off those souls under your care, no matter who they are or what age. Let them learn to shoulder their responsibilities and, what is more, to enjoy doing so, and help each other to grow.

Your Angel for Today

Angel for November 2022

Let the mist of unworthiness evaporate.

Move forward and embrace life as it presents itself to you. Practice the art of inclusion and allowing.

Read the full Angel theme for the month from Kathy Tyler.

If you’d like you can also join an Angel of the Month meditation online.

‘When we slow down and deeply listen, the differences dissolve.’One of the 60 participants in ‘Moving Beyond COP26’, September 2021
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