Eileen Caddy’s Guidance for Today

Eileen Caddy was a mystic, spiritual teacher, author and co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation and Community, who received guidance on how to live her life from an inner source she called ‘the still small voice within’ or ‘the God within’.

From the day she first heard this voice, she followed it through her lifetime and dedicated time during the day for her ‘appointments with God’. Her life’s work was to inspire people to be still, turn within, find their own sources of inner guidance and follow that guidance.

Eileen Caddy sitting indoors smiling, in black and white

Your Angel for Today

Angels act as partners in attaining a goal. They help us leverage our strengths in order to find unexpected solutions and discover unknown paths to express who we are and what connects us to the people we encounter.

Find an Angel that has been selected for you today, and information on the Angel selected for our community this month.

Foundations of Light – Join our Monthly Global Meditation

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us for our ‘Foundations of Light Meditation’ which we are holding on the last Wednesday of each month at 5pm UK time for 30 minutes on Zoom for everybody who feels called to join us.

Show in your local time when our meditation starts

During this time we will connect to the core impulse of the Findhorn Foundation and global Community and to the Network of Light we are all part of. In the silence we aspire to send our loving support to whatever wants to emerge in this Center of Light for the highest and best for all.

We are looking forward to meditating with you!

With Lots of Love from the Transition Team of the Findhorn Foundation

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