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Inspiration and Light of Findhorn

In response to the local and global challenges of COVID-19 we have been sharing our Light of Findhorn streamed meditation services, open to all Monday through Friday, twice daily. Now that we are resuming more normal services in The Park, we have a new offering for you from Wednesday 5 August. We’ll update this page 3 August 2020. Robert Holden will continue to read live from Eileen Caddy’s Opening Doors Within every Wednesday and Sunday at 8am BST.

All are welcome. Together we connect with the sacred and the earth, invite deeper awareness and bless people and our planet.

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Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance for Monday 3 August

When one door closes, another one opens. Expect that new door to reveal even greater wonders and glories and surprises. Always expect the very best from every situation, and see the very best come out of each one. Never become depressed or despondent as you see one door close in your face. Simply know that all things work together for good for those souls who truly love Me and put Me first in everything. Feel yourself grow and expand as you go through every experience, and look for the reason for it. Learn by it, and be determined never to make the same mistake twice, if you have made a seeming mistake, for much can come out of it when you do not allow it to get you down. Your whole attitude towards life is very important; therefore realise that life is what you make it. Make it a wonderful, joyous, exciting life where anything can happen at any moment because you are doing My will.

Text above is from Opening Doors Within, published by Findhorn Press and currently available in 16 languages.

Eileen Caddy’s daily guidance was part of the bedrock the community was built on in the early days of Findhorn and the concept of inner listening is very much part of individual and community practice to this day. Her messages, from what she called ‘the still, small voice within’, are still inspirational, uplifting and powerful words of love and support.

Your unique angel for the day, and the monthly theme based on an angel quality, come from The Game of Transformation®, created by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler at Findhorn in the 1970s. The Game has become part of the Findhorn Foundation’s culture, and many people all over the world love to choose an angel quality to overlight their day or year, or a particular project or event.

Monthly Theme for July 2020

Maximize every moment of aliveness. Experience
pleasurable involvement in all your activities and enjoy what you are doing. Have Fun!

Play is at the heart of our creativity and animates our being in our most carefree moments. It helps us live with absurdity, paradox, and mystery. It feeds our childlike joy and wonder. It keeps our search for meaning grounded and on to earth.

There is so much going on in the world, and within us, that our stress levels have adjusted upwards to a new ‘normal’ creating a hidden epidemic of fun deficit disorder (FDD). Play is an antidote to stress. It can totally absorb your attention and cause a cascade of feelings that greatly impact your happiness quotient.

Play engages us with the imaginal realm and supports and enriches our metabolization of life. It is integral for generating insights and effortless realizations. Play literally gives us a ‘breather’ – restoring our vitality at a core level.

This month find a fun activity that totally captivates your attention to the point where time seems to slow or even stop, and the voice inside — (the one giving constant commentary on what you’re doing, have done, or will be doing) — ceases. Laugh heartily at jokes, situations, and yourself.

Wishing you playful, joyous moments throughout August.
And, transformed FDD to F:):)….


P.S. If you worked with the Angel of Clarity during July, take a few moments to release it with your gratitude then welcome the Angel of Play into your life for the month of August.

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