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Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance for Wednesday 21 November

You will never know whether something works unless you try it. You will never know whether the electricity is on unless you put your hand on the switch and switch it on; you have to take some action to prove that it works. So with faith. It is useless just sitting there talking about faith if you do not live by it and if no one can see what it means to you. It is useless talking about living by faith when your security is in your bank balance, and you know you can draw on it whenever you choose to do so. It is when you have nothing and can step off the deep end and do the seemingly impossible because your faith and security are rooted and grounded in Me, that you can talk about living by faith and be a living demonstration of it. Go ahead and put your faith to the test and see what happens.

Text above is from Opening Doors Within, published by Findhorn Press and currently available in 16 languages.

Eileen Caddy’s daily guidance was part of the bedrock the community was built on in the early days of Findhorn and the concept of inner listening is very much part of individual and community practice to this day. Her messages, from what she called ‘the still, small voice within’, are still inspirational, uplifting and powerful words of love and support.

Your unique angel for the day, and the monthly theme based on an angel quality, come from The Game of Transformation®, created by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler at Findhorn in the 1970s. The Game has become part of the Findhorn Foundation’s culture, and many people all over the world love to choose an angel quality to overlight their day or year, or a particular project or event.

Climate Change & Consciousness Live 2019
Sat 20 April 2019 (6 Days)
A Findhorn Foundation Live Streaming Event
CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS: OUR LEGACY FOR THE EARTH, at the Findhorn Foundation, North Scotland, April 20-26, 2019, will be a unique conference about surviving and thriving in a climate changing world and post-carbon economy. The event will feature some of the clearest and most passionate voices for the Earth ever gathered together in one place. Due to the popularity of this event our actual physical spaces have already been booked out, however you can still secure a ticket to attend this event via live stream!

Monthly Theme for November 2018

Cultivate an attitude of generosity and act as though there is plenty for you and for everyone, everywhere.
Give freely and generously.

One of the biggest fears held within humanity is the fear of loss. This may be of a job, partner, image, youth, life style (especially money) or finally – death of the body. But, fear can serve us and turn us around to call our attention to what we have and gratefully remind us to take steps to care for what we have been given.

Holding tightly to what scares us produces heart-quakes and moves us out of the universal flow causing us to live in ‘scare-city’. The energy of wanting; things a certain way, circumstances to change, feelings to be different – is an ineffective approach because we can only want things to change according to what we think we know.

The essence of abundance is rooted in dynamic openness and wonderment that infuses our desires with the optimizing force of Being.

We lack acceptance of what is and this leads to a lack of gratitude. Holding fast to particular identities and predetermined decisions fuels our conditioned selves and habitual behaviors. As a result, we can’t experience wonder or abundance. We can only at best feel sameness.

Wonderment arises when we open to something that is new, fresh, and mystical, completely letting go of all we know in that moment.

This experience is exhilarating, prosperous, and freeing; inwardly turning us towards a sense of fulfillment. It offers a grander, more expansive vision of reality and relieves the restraints to generously offering ourselves allowing us to give to everyone, everywhere.

We hope the Angels inspire your life and move you out of scare-city into the new high rise of generous-city. May you be filled with wonder and abundance and offer it freely.
Kathy Tyler

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