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Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance for Tuesday 6 December

Let neither intellectual pride nor preconceived ideas, opinions and prejudices lock and bar the way; nor close yourself to truth because it does not come through conventional or orthodox means. You are moving into the new, and therefore you must be prepared for many new ways and means. When a child is moved into a higher grade in school, it has to learn to expand and to take in and accept all the new subjects it has to learn. So it is with moving into the New Age. You have to be willing to branch out, to try new experiments, to step out into the unknown. You even have to be willing to make mistakes and learn by those mistakes, knowing that as you do so, you will keep growing in wisdom and knowledge and understanding. Do not be concerned; you will not be moved up from the first grade straight into the sixth grade. Step by step the way will be revealed to you, and you will be moved gradually.

Your Angel for Today

Angel for December 2022

Savour what is in your life now.

The creative process is never finished. Let go of striving and rest in satisfaction and joyous fulfilment.

Read the full Angel theme for the month from Kathy Tyler.

If you’d like you can also join an Angel of the Month meditation online.

‘When we slow down and deeply listen, the differences dissolve.’One of the 60 participants in ‘Moving Beyond COP26’, September 2021
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