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Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance for Friday 19 August

Why not start right now receiving your spiritual inspiration and guidance at first hand and not through anyone else? Do you not realise that you have within you all wisdom, all knowledge, all understanding? You do not have to seek it without, but it does mean that you have to take time to be still and to go deep within to find it. There is nothing more wonderful or worthwhile than direct contact with Me, the source of all creation. It means you have to take time, and if necessary make time to find it. You have to reach the stage where you are consciously aware of Me and of My divine presence at all times, where you are willing to bring Me into the whole of your life, and walk and talk with Me all the time, sharing everything with me, both your successes and your failures. When the love is flowing and you are one with Me, you will want more than anything to share everything with Me.

Your Angel for Today

Angel for August 2022

Simply be yourself. Look past the fanfare and drama to what is enduring. Take time to clarify what is important to you and let non-essentials fall away.

Read the full Angel theme for the month from Kathy Tyler.

‘When we slow down and deeply listen, the differences dissolve.’One of the 60 participants in ‘Moving Beyond COP26’, September 2021
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