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Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance for Tuesday 29 November

What are your values in life? If they are simply the material ones which are here today and gone tomorrow, you can spend your life rushing around like a squirrel in a cage getting nowhere. But if you seek the ways of the Spirit, you need to seek within to find them, and it can only be done by being still and drawing forth those priceless treasures which are deep within you. You will not find them without, for you contain within you all that matters in life. You are free to make your own choice regarding the things that matter. No one is going to try and influence you, for every soul has free will. It is up to you whether you make a mess of your life or a success of it. The light is there; why not follow it? The love is there; why not accept it? Nothing is withheld from you when you seek for it with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength.

Your Angel for Today

Angel for November 2022

Let the mist of unworthiness evaporate.

Move forward and embrace life as it presents itself to you. Practice the art of inclusion and allowing.

Read the full Angel theme for the month from Kathy Tyler.

If you’d like you can also join an Angel of the Month meditation online.

‘When we slow down and deeply listen, the differences dissolve.’One of the 60 participants in ‘Moving Beyond COP26’, September 2021
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