Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance

Guidance for 3 July

Get into tune, find your own note, and sound it loud and clear, for you are part of the vast orchestra of life. You have your own specific part to play, so do not try to play anyone else's part. Seek and find your own and stick to it. When you learn to do it, all will be very, very well with you. It is those souls who seek to play someone else's note who will find themselves out of harmony with the whole. Never try to be like anyone else or do what someone else is doing. I do not want you all to be identical, like peas in a pod. I need you all different with your own individual gifts and qualities. An orchestra made up of all the same instruments would be very dull. The more instruments there are blended together in perfect harmony in the orchestra, the richer and more wonderful the sound which comes forth.

Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance is from her book Opening Doors Within, published by Findhorn Press.

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