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Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance for Thursday 13 December

It is when I can work in and through open and willing channels that amazing happenings can come about. All those souls who see them come about can see My hand in them and realise that of themselves they would be incapable of doing them. They know that I AM indeed working in and through them, and in this way they come to know Me and to love Me. Therefore never fail to give thanks for everything that is taking place in your life. Keep your heart open and your mind uncluttered by negative thoughts so that no time need be wasted clearing away old thought forms which can hold up the progress of the new. Always remember that simplicity is My hallmark. Therefore when life becomes too complicated for you, you may be sure you are off beam and need to get back on to it as quickly as possible. Be like a little child, simple and uncomplicated, and enjoy life to the full.

Text above is from Opening Doors Within, published by Findhorn Press and currently available in 16 languages.

Eileen Caddy’s daily guidance was part of the bedrock the community was built on in the early days of Findhorn and the concept of inner listening is very much part of individual and community practice to this day. Her messages, from what she called ‘the still, small voice within’, are still inspirational, uplifting and powerful words of love and support.

Your unique angel for the day, and the monthly theme based on an angel quality, come from The Game of Transformation®, created by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler at Findhorn in the 1970s. The Game has become part of the Findhorn Foundation’s culture, and many people all over the world love to choose an angel quality to overlight their day or year, or a particular project or event.

Climate Change & Consciousness Live 2019

Sat 20 April 2019 (6 Days)

A Findhorn Foundation Live Streaming Event

CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS: OUR LEGACY FOR THE EARTH, at the Findhorn Foundation, North Scotland, April 20-26, 2019, will be a unique conference about surviving and thriving in a climate changing world and post-carbon economy. The event will feature some of the clearest and most passionate voices for the Earth ever gathered together in one place. Due to the popularity of this event our actual physical spaces have already been booked out, however you can still secure a ticket to attend this event via live stream!

Monthly Theme for December 2018

Stay connected and let others in. Widen your channel of giving and receiving.

Reach out with encouragement and be versatile and timely in your resourcefulness.

Support is often very subjective and can be confusing. How do you offer support, what do you give your energy to, what is for the highest, and how do you know what is best for yourself and others?

True support has two distinct aspects intertwined; love through the expression of gentleness and truth in the expression of realness. When we love without truth, we relate to others from the surface of ourselves, often in order not to make ‘waves’. On the other hand, when we only relate from truth it tends to create a feeling of distance tainted with judgment and limitation.

Weaving gentleness and realness together brings about balance in our lives with others. Sometimes support calls for loving someone in a way that gives them what they feel they need…empathy, help, affection, or affirmation. Sometimes support needs to be for who they are inside as a soul and takes the form of confronting unconscious behavior, saying what you are really feeling, or requiring accountability for words or actions.

It is not always easy to make the distinction between these two currents of support and to bring about healing. In the end, our capacity to express gentleness and realness and be fully ourselves rests ‘soul-ly’ within our commitment to what we feel life is about and what we value.

Finding ways to balance these strands within us with the same gentleness and realness reveals and brings a deeper sense of authenticity to our actions. This ultimately supports our own and each other’s inner nature with what it needs to flourish.

May your heart, mind, and actions be filled with gentle authentic support. We hope the Angels continue to inspire your life.


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