UPDATE — ‘WHY’ Vision Sessions: Results

Earlier this year we consulted with our stakeholders about ‘why the world needs the Findhorn Foundation’. Here are the results of the insightful and deeply enriching discussions we had.

In the course of our recent consultations with the Findhorn Foundation stakeholders, defined organisational groups , its dedicated supporters, and its vibrant community, we’ve engaged in a series of insightful and deeply enriching dialogues and information exchanges that ranged from dynamic group processes, individual responses via questionnaire and very personal contacts via email.

The Nature Sanctuary in the Quiet Garden, a place for meditation, singing and small meetings.

In each of the visioning sessions participants were asked to meditate on the following questions:

  • Why is the Findhorn Foundation meaningful to you?
  • What has been the impact of the Findhorn Foundation in your life, your community and/or your world?
  • What do you hope for the future from the Findhorn Foundation’s educationofferings and partnerships?

The resulting dialogues not only showcased the collective wisdom and shared commitment towards the Foundation’s mission, but also highlighted the profound diversity of perspectives that enrich our community.

Core themes arising from the analysis of the feedback

The Findhorn Foundation was found to be cherished for its significant role in fostering spiritual growth, community connection, personal transformation, and global consciousness. The community deeply valued the Foundation’s impact on their lives and expressed hope for its continued evolution to meet the challenges of today’s world, with a strong emphasis on inclusivity, sustainability, and engaging the younger generation.

Spiritual education and transformation

The Findhorn Foundation is recognized as a pivotal space for spiritual education, personal growth, and transformation. It has been a sanctuary for exploring spirituality, offering experiences that integrate spiritual principles with practical living. The Foundation is seen as a “transformational hub” and a “spiritual home,” providing nurturing environments for spiritual awakening and exploration​​​​.

People holding candles, lighting up the auditorium at the Universal Hall, as part of the Sacred Dance Festival
Community and connection

The Foundation has successfully fostered a sense of community and connection over the years, creating a culture of togetherness, acceptance, and co-creation. It has supported social and ecological experimentation and pioneering alternatives for the creation of sustainable communities. This culture has encouraged the formation of supportive networks and inspired individuals to spread the values of Findhorn globally​​​​.

Wind Turbine at at the Findhorn Ecovillage
Environmental consciousness

A profound respect for the environment and a commitment to sustainable living are central to the Foundation’s ethos. Participants highlighted how the Foundation has changed their relationship with the natural world and promoted practices like biodynamic farming and ecological sustainability​​​​.

Candles around a globe representing the earth at the winter solstice in the Universal Hall
Global influence and legacy

The Findhorn Foundation’s influence extends far beyond its physical location, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for a more harmonious and sustainable future. Its teachings and values have inspired collective action towards global change​​​​.

Steps up to the beach at Findhorn in winter with grass in the foreground
Aspirations for the Future

Feedback indicates a desire for the Foundation to evolve and adapt to changing times, with an emphasis on global outreach, digital transformation, youth engagement, and educational relevance. There is a call by some, for the Foundation to focus more on inclusivity, community-driven models, and environmental responsibility. Participants hope for the Foundation to continue being a source of spiritual and educational innovation that meets the needs of the current world​​​​.

Feedback to questions

Word cloud for "Why is the Findhorn Foundation meaningful to you?" in 2024

“Why is the Findhorn Foundation meaningful to you?”

Read the summary here (PDF, 37 KB)

Full data here (PDF, 136 KB)

Word cloud for "What has been the impact of the Findhorn Foundation in your life, your community and/or your world?" in 2024

“What has been the impact of the Findhorn Foundation in your life, your community and/or your world?”

Read the summary here (PDF, 38 KB)

Full data here (PDF, 121 KB)

Word cloud for "What do you hope for in the future from the Findhorn Foundation’s education offerings and partnerships?" in 2024

“What do you hope for in the future from the Findhorn Foundation’s education offerings and partnerships?”

Read the summary here (PDF, 42 KB)

Full data here (PDF, 223 KB)

Thank you!

We extend our sincerest gratitude to each participant for their invaluable contributions and for the spirit of collaboration that has been so palpably present throughout this process. Your thoughtful, generous input and active participation have been instrumental in focusing our awareness and illuminating the ways in which we can collectively foster a more sustainable, connected, and harmonious future. We thank the Angels and Subtle Beings for holding our hearts in interconnected fields of co-creative love and light. And we thank you for your unwavering support and for being an integral part of this transformative journey.

Please note that there have been specific summaries and analysis submitted by individuals and groups that, though not included in this more general report, have been very helpful and will contribute to our future exploration and consultation.

Next steps

Every contribution enriches the tapestry of change we are collectively weaving and together, we are setting the stage for a future that reflects our shared vision and aspirations. Next steps shall be to attune to the questions of who we are called to serve, how we plan to deliver our spiritual message and what your thoughts may be.

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