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Findhorn Foundation Blog

Inner Listening: how does this happen exactly?

November 30, 2021, by Janet Limb

Do we all have an inner knowing? Ahead of the Findhorn Talks: Inner Listening webinar on 5 and 6 December, Janet Limb shares how Inner Listening works in her life. … read more

Let’s Celebrate – The Findhorn Foundation Community is 59 today!

November 17, 2021, by F. F. Content

Today is the happy day, 59 years ago, that Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean unintentionally founded the Findhorn community in 1962 when they arrived at the … read more

A COP26 message from the subtle realms, via David Spangler

November 4, 2021, by F. F. Content

We share a request from a subtle being for a Meditation for Humanity during COP26 in Glasgow, shared with Findhorn Fellow David Spangler, of the Lorian Association. … read more

Net Zero: See you at COP26!

October 30, 2021, by Adelle Horler

The Findhorn Foundation is proud to be at COP26 in Glasgow this November. You’ll find us in the Green Zone with the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network ( … read more

Growing Up Green: A new COP26 film inspired at Findhorn

October 27, 2021, by Janet Limb

A chance encounter and some Findhorn magic prompted a massive career change for Maria Craig – and led to her film, Growing Up Green, being broadcast on BBC … read more

What’s next, Ruby Wax?

October 13, 2021, by Adelle Horler

Ruby Wax, a firm friend of the Findhorn Foundation, has been re-evaluating her life during the pandemic, just like many of us. ‘We’ve just had the wake- … read more

Could the Findhorn ecovillage be a model for 20-minute neighbourhoods?

August 31, 2021, by May East

The trending urban concept of 20-minute neighbourhoods can learn a lot from ecovillages – and Findhorn’s ecovillage could be an inspirational prototype. May … read more

Mike Scott: Remembering the Sanctuary and Eileen Caddy

August 4, 2021, by Mike Scott

A rock star and a Findhorn legend… During the time Mike Scott, founder and lead singer of The Waterboys, was living in the Findhorn community, he was called on … read more

Park Garden is looking for residential volunteers

August 2, 2021, by F. F. Content

Thank you to everyone who responded so quickly! All the volunteer positions have now been filled. We’ll advertise again when more volunteers are needed.  … read more