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How to log on the quantum field and dial in our intention for harmony

October 13, 2017, by Jeddah Mali

The close of 2017 is already in sight. As we look forward to next year, perhaps our thoughts are focusing on the changes that 2018 may bring us. The political, … read more

Ken Wilber and Doshin Roshi – Introductory Questions for Transformational Communities of Tomorrow

September 23, 2017, by Thomas Miller

Ken Wilber and Doshin Roshi will be discussing the possibilities for transformational communities like the Findhorn Foundation on October 6. If you are in the area … read more

“You Shall Not Pass!” Standing in Love in the Face of Hatred

September 21, 2017, by David Spangler

(Editor’s note: thanks, David, for your permission to reproduce this here.)  David’s Desk is my opportunity to share thoughts and tools for the spiritual … read more

How to Move From Ego to Soul: Spiritual Intelligence

September 4, 2017, by Jessica Rios

Have you ever wondered what life on Planet Earth might be like in 100 years, when maybe, just maybe, humanity has reached a point of valuing spiritual intelligence ( … read more

3 lessons about conscious conception and pregnancy you need to know

August 30, 2017, by Esther Maria Lindner

My journey of conception, pregnancy, and now, motherhood, was the deepest spiritual journey I have ever known. Now I share what I learned through it with women … read more

Be Still and Know: Celebrating Findhorn co-founder Eileen Caddy

August 25, 2017, by Thomas Miller

In a vision I was shown a fledgling learning to fly. Its first efforts were very feeble, but as it used its wings more and more, they became stronger until it … read more

Let Your Teachers Appear: Why to Trust the Unexpected

August 11, 2017, by Stephanie Mines

I was completely unprepared to meet the people who have changed the course of my life. They gave me what I never knew I was seeking. In retrospect I can attest to … read more

How to Fall in Love with Life – the Absolutely Beautiful Gifts of Mindful Dance

August 9, 2017, by Lindsay Fovargue

Mindful Dance is not a very verbal process! But I have been enjoying talking to some women and men who have been coming to classes or retreats about their … read more

4 Reasons Systemic Constellations Heal Situations that Therapies Don’t

July 25, 2017, by Thomas Miller

“I can’t change.” For me this belief was sticky, resistant, relentless, hard to find the cure for. My brother had killed himself and I didn’t fit … read more