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Explore your new story in our experiential learning centre and ecovillage, surrounded by a stunning Scottish landscape of beach, bay and forest.
Expect a miracle...

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Experience Week

If you are visiting for the first time - the best introduction to this vibrant, international, spiritual community.

From Trauma to Transformation

International presenter Jeff Olsen shares his extraordinary journey of healing.

Spiritual Retreats

The Foundation's transformational field offers a supportive environment for personal and spiritual growth.

Festival of Sacred Dance, Music & Song

Celebrate the transformative and healing power of Sacred Circle Dance.

Blog Posts and News

[photo essay] Magical Landscapes of Findhorn

BlogJanuary 12, 2018 by Hugo Klip

Findhorn Nature

Living in the Findhorn Community is a beautiful blessing. The community blends into the nature surrounding us. Plants and animals permeate the human spaces of The Park. At least once a week my wife and I go for a stroll …read more!

New Year’s Resolutions and the Cosmic Balance

BlogJanuary 8, 2018 by William Bloom

New Year's Resolution

Ninety per cent of New Year’s resolutions fail. People look forward into their lives and commit to change. Unfortunately the vast majority are sucked back into old behaviours. Little do people know that their failures …read more!

Dorothy Maclean: The Woman Who Heard the Angels Sing

BlogJanuary 2, 2018 by Thomas Miller

Dorothy Maclean

January 7 marks the 98th birthday of Dorothy Maclean, one of the Findhorn community’s founders. Few people have left a more remarkable legacy on the spiritual landscape of our time than Dorothy. Most famous for her …read more!

Being in Findhorn reminds me that powerful and positive visions for the future can be realised. I constantly ask myself how I can integrate this sense of joy, connection & inspiration into my daily life.
Ed Gillespie, co-founder, Futerra