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An experiment in transforming human consciousness, surrounded by a stunning Scottish landscape of beach, bay and forest.
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Blog Posts and News

The Planetary Game

BlogFebruary 20, 2020 by Mary Inglis

The Planetary Game (A version of this article has appeared in previous publications) It was towards the end of the first day of play in one of the early Planetary Games when all 80 participants were plunged into a world …read more!

Living Our Roots

BlogFebruary 13, 2020 by Sara Trevelyan

Living our Roots Appreciations from Foundation Internal Trainings. In October and November 2019, we held a series of events focusing on the living roots of the Findhorn Foundation. The intention of holding the events was …read more!

Dorothy Maclean: 100 on 7th January 2020

BlogDecember 5, 2019 by Janet Limb

Dorothy Maclean turns 100 on the 7th January 2020. Here is how you can help Dorothy celebrate Dorothy Maclean is the surviving founder of the Findhorn Community. Born in the town of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Dorothy has …read more!

Being in Findhorn reminds me that powerful and positive visions for the future can be realised. I constantly ask myself how I can integrate this sense of joy, connection & inspiration into my daily life.
Ed Gillespie, co-founder, Futerra