Spiritual Community, Learning Centre, Ecovillage

Sacred Bee Symposium & Immersion
6 - 12 August
Revel in relationship with nature's greatest emissary, the honeybee, and immerse yourself in Sacred Beekeeping practice in a week designed around Hive Principles.

Biodanza - The Dance of Life
20 - 26 August
How would it feel to be at ease in your body, trusting its wisdom and feeling free to enjoy yourself as a sensuous, vibrant being...

Conscious Conception
10 - 16 September
Consciously conceiving our children by connecting with their souls pre-conception we can birth high frequency beings and change the world we live in.

Essence and Empowerment - The Tara Approach
10 - 16 September
Join international practitioner and author Stephanie Mines as she leads us in reclaiming the self that restores the health of the physical and energetic bodies simultaneously.

Healing the Fragmented Heart...
27 August - 2 September
Join experienced shamanic healer and teacher Franco Santoro in this unique workshop to explore relationships from a spiritual, holistic and shamanic, as well as pragmatic perspective.