Spiritual Community, Learning Centre, Ecovillage

Introduction to the Healing Art of Esalen Massage
8 - 14 October
An overview of Esalen® Massage, a unique form of bodywork developed at the Esalen Institute, enabling you to give a full body massage on completion of the course.

Exploring Reality - Living Reality
22 - 28 October
We're delighted to welcome back James to Findhorn as he guides us in realising the rich gamut of human experience that is the very expression of our being.

The Alchemy of Transformation
12 - 18 November
Using two proven tools for uplifting consciousness, the Transformation Game® and SoulCollage®, make a graceful shift into new ways of being that are infused with aliveness.

Spiritual Deepening: Living from Purpose and Soul
12 November - 9 December
A 4-week heart-opening journey of discovering more of your capacity to experience life as an expression of awakening consciousness.

At Play in the Dimension of Change - An Intuitive Approach to Hatha Yoga
10 - 16 December
The practice of yoga can be deeply personal and radically transformative, where we find a restfulness in the space where change is possible.