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Iona Spiritual Retreats

Iona Spiritual Retreats give you space to focus on your inner life in a supportive environment of natural beauty, inspiration and peace. Situated on the west coast of Scotland, Iona is a sacred island known as a historic

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September 26, 2017 By F. F. Content

Findhorn Spiritual Retreat – Permaculture


Permaculture design is a divine creative activity. Craig Gibsone, the workshop leader and co-author of the book Permaculture: A Spiritual Approach, offers a spiritual view on permaculture. In essence, permaculture is

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Findhorn Spiritual Retreat – Deepening into Meditation

Iona Bench

This retreat week will be an inspiring and reflective oasis that will support you in developing and/or deepening your meditative practice. This spiritual retreat, which comes out of John’s 20 year connection with

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Findhorn Spiritual Retreat – Nature


An introduction to the subtle dimensions of the Earth. We practise attunement to the loving intelligence within the nature kingdom in the Findhorn way. Through a combination of exercises in perception, attunement and

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Findhorn Spiritual Retreat – Living Intuitively


We know everything we need to know at any given moment. Intuition allows us to get to the heart of the matter. It enables us to cut through complexities and see what is for the highest good for all concerned. It is an

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Findhorn Spiritual Retreat – Clay


With the landscape of Findhorn Bay and the surrounding coastline as an inspiration for our retreat, we journey with the four elements – earth, air, fire and water – using the medium of clay to focus and

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Findhorn Spiritual Retreat – Mindfulness


In the busyness of our daily lives we can be too distracted to notice the present moment. Mindfulness is an antidote to this, the practice of focusing awareness on what we are sensing in each moment, calmly acknowledging

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Spiritual Deepening: Living from Purpose and Soul

Be still, go within, and draw forth the priceless treasures within you. Eileen Caddy. Join us on this four week journey of engaging with your inner knowing. Spiritual Deepening is an invitation to step back from everyday

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