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A Christmas Retreat
20 - 27 December
An opportunity to be with our inner nature, as well as to join in with the Findhorn community seasonal celebrations and rituals. An invitation to touch your stillness and your joy.

The Game Of Transformation
27 December - 2 January
Under the expert guidance of a trained Game facilitator, exercise your initiative and imagination as you navigate your 'life path', recognise your strengths, resolve challenges and explore possibilities - just like in life!

New Year's Retreat - Turning Within and Moving Onward
27 December - 2 January
A time of stillness to lead us through a journey of review, release and setting new intentions.

Applied Ecovillage Living
14 February - 13 March 2015
Drawing on the Findhorn Ecovillage's more than 50 years experience, this practical forum offers concepts, tools and techniques for creating sustainable human settlements.

Reconnections@Findhorn: Values-driven leadership for transformational change
26 - 30 April 2015
A unique event that offers professionals the chance to re-ignite and sustain their passion and focus and to network with others on a similar journey.

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