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Additions to our calendar of events
We have added a number of workshops and events to our calendar that didn’t make it into our 2014 brochure...

Caroline Myss - Sojourns into the Desert of the Heart
15 - 17 November
Caroline invites you to enter the desert of your heart and give yourself the time, silence and distance from your familiar landscape to come back into balance with your own essential nature.

The Alchemy of Transformation
22 - 28 November
Using two proven tools for uplifting consciousness, the Transformation Game® and SoulCollage®, make a graceful shift into new ways of being that are infused with aliveness.

Findhorn Intensive
29 November - 5 December
Been touched by your visit to Findhorn? Want to bring this more fully into your everyday life? Then this might be for you...

A Christmas Retreat
20 - 27 December
An opportunity to be with our inner nature, as well as to join in with the Findhorn community seasonal celebrations and rituals. An invitation to touch your stillness and your joy.

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