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We’re all just walking each other home

Words by Yvonne Cuneo

For the past two years Yvonne Cuneo has been taking thousands of people from around the world for walks in nature – all online. For many they’ve been a lockdown lifesaver.

Feet made from pebbles in the sand

Two years of live 'lovestream' walks with Yvonne Cuneo

It’s our response to what happens that defines us, says Yvonne Cuneo, who’s celebrating two full years of all-weather live ‘lovestream’ walks in nature, safeguarding our connections online despite the isolation of Covid.

This amazing initiative, kicked off by Michael Mitton as the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, has become a much-loved part of the Foundation’s outreach to the world, on Mondays and Fridays at 4pm UK time.

Yvonne shares some of the highlights from hundreds of her walks that have ranged far beyond Findhorn:

Yvonne Cuneo and Peter Duffy
Peter Duffy and I enjoyed a walk on Ilkley Moor, North Yorkshire.

It’s March 2022 and the Findhorn Foundation has been lovestreaming to the world for two years.

When fires destroyed the Community Centre and the Main Sanctuary on 12 April 2021, the walk that day played an important role in providing a space for the 350 global family who joined live, to collectively bear witness, express sorrow and solidarity and send an outpouring of love to the community and to the buildings which had held so much over the decades, as the heart of the community’s spiritual and social activities.

Thousands more watched the recording and were able to feel connected in an intimate way with all that was happening.

Yvonne's walks-MaggiSale
Maggi Sale was my host when I streamed from COP26 in Glasgow.

The walks continue to provide a much-needed space of connection, as seen in these comments, just six here of many:

‘These walks helped me with the pandemic and I fell deeper in love with Findhorn.’

‘The lockdowns have shown us that the digital world is now able to connect us to places and people in a way that fulfils the Findhorn mission of encircling the world with light warriors.’

‘I wouldn’t have got through these past months without these Findhorn walks. Connecting with everyone has been so important to me as I spend so much time on my own.’

‘So wonderful to connect this morning from Oregon. This is such an important group for me. So grateful, so grateful…’

‘Thank you so much – my whole vibration has been elevated.’

‘I am slowly recovering from a year of long-haul Covid fatigue and these walks have been an important part of my healing.’

‘These walks have enriched and transformed the mundanity of the past 20 months.’

Elyn Mitchell welcomed Yvonne Cuneo into her home in Gloucestershire.

Over the last year, the love and light of the Foundation, and the walkers who join me, have gone ‘on location’ in Wales, England, Inverness, Edinburgh, and to COP26 in Glasgow. We have visited botanical gardens, stone circles, a castle, an historic graveyard, an abbey, a mill, Stratford upon Avon, joined some lively climate marches, and best of all, ridden in a rickshaw along the River Clyde together.

During these travels it has been a huge pleasure to meet some ‘walkers’ in person – Emma, Neil, Cathy, Peter, Elyn and Maggi – and to be joined by lovestreamers Britta and Dominique in continuing this wonderful offering to our growing global family.

It continues to be creative and uplifting as I connect with what has become for me ‘the fellowship of lovelies’ from all over the world – from Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, to Argentina, Brazil and Chile, to India and Singapore, to most countries of Europe, and states of America and Canada, and everywhere in between.

What a gloriously open-hearted and heart-opening result from a virus which threatened to isolate and disconnect. As with all things, it is our response to what happens which defines us.

At present we continue to walk each other home most Mondays and Fridays at 4pm UK time. Join us on our Facebook page or watch on the website.

With love and laughter
Yvonne Cuneo
Ram Dass: We’re all just walking each other home.

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