Conferences & Special Events

Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth
A Findhorn Foundation Conference

3–9 September 2016

There is a profound relationship between the way humans are born and the way we treat our environment. From conception, gestation and birth through to early childhood, a consciously supported beginning to life is crucial to the future of civilisation and the Earth. When we explore and develop our capacity to welcome and love the next generation, we discover wholeness, relationship and a desire to care for our planet… (read more)

EarthSings 2016
Singing for Unity and Wellbeing

19–25 March 2016

Our enduring commitment to singing as a path of healing, celebration and union through spirit, coupled with the phenomenal success of our recent EarthSings conferences is the inspiration behind the Findhorn Foundation once again creating a conference where transformation through song becomes possible… (read more)

Robert Holden: Transformation and the Enneagram
Nine Soul Meditations for Greater Abundance

26–28 March 2016

Transformation and the Enneagram is a three-day programme that uses the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram to help undo blocks and experience breakthroughs in your life, work and relationships. Join Robert in the beautiful, inspiring setting of Findhorn for a spiritual adventure into the Enneagram – the oldest self-awareness tool on our planet… (read more)

Richard Rudd: The Pearl of Prosperity
Money as a Means of Personal and Planetary Liberation

28–31 May 2016

In this special event, Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd will introduce us to a new tool called the Star Pearl Matrix, a unique personal profile that shows how to unleash a natural stream of prosperity in your life. Your Star Pearl describes a series of genetic patterns imprinted at birth that when released can unlock a wave of inner fulfilment, material prosperity and harmony within your life…. (read more)

The Planetary Game
Engaging with the Emerging Future

2–8 July 2016

The Planetary Game is a large-scale version of the Game of Transformation. Born here 40 years ago as a way of representing our approach to life, the Game is one of the most creative impulses to come out of the Findhorn community… (read more)

Festival of Sacred Dance, Music & Song
with special guest Nanni Kloke

16–22 July 2016

This year we celebrate 40 years of sharing the power of Sacred/Circle Dance at the Findhorn Foundation. We will look back at the traditional dances and contemporary choreographies that have brought us healing and transformation and look forward to the new opportunities that await us… (read more)

School of Youth
for sustainability & human flourishing

10–20 August 2016

The School Of Youth brings together young people (ages 16–27) from different social, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds to engage in a magical 10-day learning experience. Blending outdoor adventures with music, art and philosophy, the programme is highly innovative, developing life-skills related to peace, sustainability, entrepreneurship and… (read more)

Isabelle Duquesne
Skills for Peacemakers

5–9 November 2016

The world has never needed skilled peace makers more. Taking the best peace making practices from years of authoring and conducting seminars on peace making for many establishments worldwide, Isabelle Duquesne will lead this cross-disciplinary training to cultivate the cognitive and practical skills that peacemakers will be able to apply effectively… (read more)