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What is Findhorn Live webstreaming?

Watch events at the Findhorn Foundation
Live and On Demand

We are aware that not everyone is able to or will choose to travel to be here. Findhorn Live allows individuals and groups of people to participate in our conferences and events, enabling you to engage with the inspiration of this place without having to physically be here.

Features included with the live video:

  • real-time streaming of the event
  • real-time chatroom forum with other online participants
  • on-demand streaming for 30 days after the live event so that you can watch at a time suitable to you, catch up on sessions that you missed, or just watch them again
  • full screen video viewing option
  • during breaks and outside of scheduled session times the option to view a selection of video films about the Findhorn Foundation and Community

Each event is individually priced so you can elect what you want to join in with, then register and participate live online or watch at a time convenient to you.

Simply sign up as a subscriber and we will inform you before the time of any upcoming events that we will be streaming. Email us now at with your name, country of residence and email address, and ‘Please add me to the Findhorn Live mailing list’ in the subject line.

We look forward to having you join us!

Events Still Available To View

Healthy Birth Healthy Earth
Saturday 3rd to Friday 9th September 2016

Healthy Birth Healthy Earth is a conference about conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood, as well as the healing of birth trauma in adults. Our aim for this week-long conference is to create a supportive container for the exploration of key concepts of health and wholeness in the fields of childbirth and ecology. Join this inspiring event, streamed to you live over the internet. For a total cost of £74.95, the webstreaming offers a window into this unique gathering, involving world-renown speakers, addressing some of the biggest questions of our era. Viewers will be able to join in with the dialogue during presentations via a facilitated message chat room. Access to the archived recordings will be unlimited for those who register.
Available for on demand viewing

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27 March 2016 (Easter Sunday) 7:30–9:00pm
Robert Holden
Holy Shift – From Crucifixion to Resurrection

Join Robert live from the Universal Hall in Findhorn for this one-off evening presentation. You can find more information about this event here.
Available for on demand viewing

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16 – 18 January 2016
Jeff Foster
Falling in Love with Where You Are: Unconditionally Embracing the Pain and Joy of Life

How can we find an EFFORTLESS YES to the present moment, no matter how challenging or intense our physical or emotional pain becomes? How can we find a CONSCIOUS and LOVING way through our addictions, relationship struggles, illnesses and major life decisions? Can true HEALING begin exactly where we are? This retreat with author and teacher Jeff Foster is an invitation to awaken to the beauty and poetry of your life, to stop your exhausting search for love, peace and enlightenment, and discover them here and now by turning towards yourself.
Available for on demand viewing

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Thank you for going the extra mile. And thanks to all at Findhorn … for making all this happen. It has been wonderful to be able to attend the retreat virtually after my surgery made it impossible for me to attend in person. I have a sense of how much work goes into streaming an event, and I’m grateful this service was available.

Brian McKinney

I was privileged to have online access to Jeddah Mali’s retreat in late October, and I’ve taken advantage of this almost everyday since then. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who made this possible. I’m deeply grateful because I didn’t have the resources to join Jeddah live in your amazing community.

Patrice Robson

Thanks so much for highlighting the streaming from the conference. I have not missed a session! The quality of the streaming, the camera work, the sound is just so great and so well captures the atmosphere in the hall. Even the moments where the audience are in groups, the sound of the discussions and video makes me feel as though I am really there. I wish I could express how grateful I am to all involved that I am able to view and feel so much from this.

Douglas Hay