Essential Findhorn

The Findhorn Foundation has developed a series of its own workshops and programmes based on more than 50 years of experience as a centre for holistic learning. Essential Findhorn begins with Experience Week and continues on a journey towards a unique blend of practical spirituality and conscious, sustainable living.

Knowing that global change begins within each one of us, we offer workshops and programmes which encourage deep self-discovery in a community where everyone, from the cook to the administrator, is part of a lively and supportive learning environment.

Essential Findhorn is a valuable life experience whether you intend to join in just one workshop or hope to be in the community for a longer period of time.

  • Experience Week

    For over forty years, the best way to come here and find out what it's like – the ideal way to meet, engage with and share in an ever-evolving journey that is the Findhorn Foundation Community.

  • Being in Community

    Staying in the community for another week after Experience Week to learn more and integrate your experiences here; or it’s a way to come back and recharge your batteries.

  • Spiritual Practice

    Space for you to explore and connect with your innermost self following your Experience Week.

  • Service Weeks

    Service Weeks give you the opportunity to come to Findhorn and lend a hand while giving yourself the gift of practising Love in Action.

  • Applied Ecovillage Living

    This unique four-week programme draws on the experience and expertise developed within the Findhorn Ecovillage over the past 50+ years.

  • Living in Community Guest

    Four weeks engaging with the Foundation’s kitchen, garden, homecare or maintenance departments, and LCG group sessions, getting to know us and yourself in a new way.

  • Stepping on the Spiral Pathway

    Connect with the transformational impulse of the community today – experimenting with new ways of being and conscious living – and be part of the emerging adventure.

  • Spiritual Deepening Programme

    A 4-week core journey to deeply engage with your own inner wisdom and come alive in a new way – an opportunity to practise sustainability on all levels.

  • Living Essentials Apprentice Programme

    LEAP is our new staff intake programme, where we invite you to join the practice of being present in every task and to choose to live everyday life as a spiritual path with us.