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Findhorn is a living model for the future. Every year we welcome thousands of fellow-adventurers from all over the world to participate in the workshops, conferences and special events in the calendar below. Explore how to live deeply connected to self, others, spirit and nature - a unique transformational learning experience.

June - 2018
Communicating with Crystal Consciousness for Healing
July - 2018
August - 2018
Starting on Saturday 4th August
Animal Communication and Nature Connection I
Starting on Saturday 11th August
Whole Body Mindfulness - Increasing the Power of Your Intuition
Starting on Saturday 18th August
Embracing Change - An Open Floor Movement Workshop
Starting on Saturday 25th August
Life Purpose
Whole Body Mindfulness - Increasing the Power of Your Intuition
September - 2018
October - 2018
Robert & Hollie Holden: Love, Relationships and Miracles
November - 2018
Spiritual Deepening: Living from Purpose and Soul
December - 2018
The Game of Transformation (7 Day Game)
April - 2019
International Training Circle Dance - The Harmony Method©