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William Bloom: Angels, Archetypes and Nature Spirits — Healing Gaia and Humanity

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM GMT See your local time
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Core practices for cooperating with the angels and spirits of nature

We can all cooperate with the angels and spirits of nature to bring about healing for our planet, our communities and ourselves. In all cultures throughout history, shamans, healers, priests, mystics and empaths have worked with these beings as a normal part of a healthy spiritual life.

In this inspirational and experiential presentation, William will guide us through the core concepts and practices for cooperating with this realm.

The approach will be relevant to all aspects of your life — healthcare, relationships, gardening, arts, work, landscape, community building, home and spiritual development.

A stained glass angel hanging in the window at sunset in Traigh Bhan on Iona

What to expect

The presentation will include:

  • The many different ways in which devas appear in different cultures and their underlying similarities
  • Their nature and purpose
  • General principles of how to connect and cooperate with them
  • Healing and Therapy Angels
  • Nature spirits in landscape, horticulture and gardening
  • Muses and spirits that inspire the arts and creativity
  • Devas of work, community, towns and nations
  • Spirits of ceremony and ritual
  • Guardian and household Angels

We promise you a session that is warm, encouraging and filled with a healing presence. William is holding this event as part of the Findhorn Talks series as a fundraiser for us and we want to thank William for supporting the work of the Findhorn Foundation.

Findhorn Talks: muddy hand and plant in the garden

About the Findhorn Talks series

Findhorn Talks is a monthly series of webinars and events, featuring talks with Foundation coworkers on our cornerstone practices, as well as events with friends of the Foundation such as William and others, who share their special expertise through their own spiritual lens.

Meet the host

William Bloom

About William Bloom

William Bloom is a Findhorn Fellow and a close friend of the Findhorn Foundation, having spent years within the Foundation and speaking at many Foundation conferences. William has been presenting on this subject since the 1970s when he first began teaching at the Findhorn Community. He is the author of the bestselling Working with Angels and is the lead for the Spiritual Companions Trust. Among his many other books are The Power of Modern Spirituality and Psychic Protection.

‘Joyfully easy to follow, William’s work filled in gaps in my own understanding.’

Dorothy Maclean, co-founder Findhorn Foundation

‘William Bloom is a modern western mystic and considered by many to be Britain’s leading and most experienced mind-body-spirit teacher.’

Yoga Magazine

‘Britain’s one true angelologist.’

 The Independent

‘Finally someone who separates new age nonsense from spiritual reality.’

Caroline Myss

Join William Bloom on Thursday 17th February at 7pm UK time

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