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Wild camping retreat week: September 2022

Date: 03/09/2022
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Immerse yourself in nature and listen to the healing wisdom of the land on this seven-night wild camping retreat in the woodlands, with the Findhorn Hinterland Trust.

Embrace the spirit of the woodlands, heathlands, sand dunes and sea on this seven-night retreat, camping in the wilder land next to the Findhorn ecovillage.

With sites tucked in the woods of the Hinterland, you’ll become present to your own and each other’s wisdom of the soul, in the company of the elements, the animals, the plants and the trees.

This is a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the healing qualities of nature with a group of likeminded participants. We will listen to each other’s stories in sharing circles, balanced with solo time in Nature and periods of silence every day.

We’ll learn skills that allow us to become still and listen to our highest, deepest wisdom, and have a short daily Chi Kung Practice. There will be guided tours of the land, with visits from members of the community who will join us to share their stories.

This retreat is facilitated by Kajedo Wanderer, land manager of the Findhorn Hinterland Trust.


Pine trees at Wilkies Wood in Pineridge with orange sun behind

What you'll enjoy

  • Camping in individual tents on our wild camping pads.
  • Simple meals around the fire.
  • Guided tours on the land around Findhorn.
  • Quiet time to sit alone in the wilder parts of the land and listen…
  • Sharing circles in small groups and with the full circle.
Spider web with dewdrops

Come prepared!

  • Come equipped for the Scottish climate.
  • Bring your own camping equipment.
  • Be prepared for a weekend of simple living.
  • Bring your openness to ‘listen deeply’.



More dates to choose from

The Findhorn Hinterland Trust offers various weekend and week-long wild camping retreats, as well as themed weekends with an extra environmental education focus.

13-15 May – weekend retreat

10-12 June – themed weekend: Biodiversity

2-9 July – week-long retreat, seven nights

5-7 August – themed weekend: Plants

30 Sep-2 Oct – weekend retreat

About your guide

Kajedo Wanderer

As land manager of the Findhorn Hinterland Trust, Kajedo Wanderer, 65, spends his days out in the woods and the dunes actively loving the Earth. He has been a forester in Germany, a guide for pilgrimages in the Nepalese Himalaya, and at times a gardener by default.

His passion is the ‘spirit which runs through it all’ – the interconnectedness between Nature around us and our own inner Nature. He has been a member of the Findhorn Community for nearly 40 years, learning about and teaching our ‘common unity’.

He has taught meditation retreats, T’ai Chi, the ‘Gentle Warrior’ course and various other spiritual practices at Findhorn and internationally for as long as he has lived here.

'It is the poetry of Nature, it is that which uplifts the spirit within us...' ― John Ruskin


Date: 03/09/2022
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