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The Foundations of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

Start Date: 23/05/2023
End Date: 26/05/2023
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Learn how to unlock the power of embodied intelligence in your professional work and access a full spectrum of balanced states through simple movements and body postures with this 3-Day In-Person training led by UZAZU experts Dylan Newcomb and Deb Grant.


About UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence gives you an effective way to immediately access the embodied states that empower you to easefully & vibrantly engage in each moment.

Using a holistic, somatic framework for growth and healing, Dylan Newcomb and Deb Grant will guide you to unlock the power of embodied intelligence in your professional work.

Learn how to access a full spectrum of balanced states through simple movements and body postures. Develop your capacity to identify and shift imbalanced states and to facilitate integrative change in 1-1. sessions.

A Comprehensive, Research-Based Approach to Cultivating Embodied Intelligence

Embodied Intelligence: Activating the Wisdom of the Whole Self

UZAZU provides a comprehensive yet flexible framework for facilitating change that is based on nine simple postures and movements, while also supporting organic, intuitive, and creative exploration. It helps make sense of both our own felt experience and our experience with others, in service of optimally adapting and responding to our environment in a highly individualised way.

Based on two decades of research and development, UZAZU Embodied Intelligence provides a clear, integrative model and method to understand, identify, and rapidly shift states that are dysregulated or otherwise disruptive.

The UZAZU method helps professionals identify where, and in which contexts, someone’s mind-body integration is becoming compromised or distorted. It equips those who use it with a combination of specific postures, movements and mental frames to cultivate the states that will help them restore and strengthen their capacity to sense and respond to life.

It also provides facilitators with the tools and strategies that can be easily integrated with other modalities, to work through deeper issues and nurture a client’s long-term growth in a developmentally informed way.

Who the training is for

The professional-focused training of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence is designed to easily and effectively complement your existing methods and tools.


We welcome you to attend this training if you are a coach, facilitator, psychotherapist, somatic therapist, social worker, counsellor or other helping professional. While the training focuses on 1:1 work, experienced group facilitators will benefit from this work, by utilising the model to support their own embodiment and to become more attuned and responsive to the needs of the group they are facilitating.


(Note: While this foundational workshop does not allow you to explicitly teach or advertise UZAZU as a model to groups, Foundations ‘graduates’ are welcome to introduce one or two simple elements of UZAZU as a resource or exercise in group contexts).

How the Training Works

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Findhorn, this three-day highly experiential training gives you an immersion into a systematic, integrative method for working with your clients’ full range of embodied states.


As a helping professional, you will learn a holistic system and approach to embodied facilitation that:


  • Gives you a full-spectrum, principles-based framework for working with posture, movement, and space to cultivate embodied self-awareness and support powerful state shifts.
  • Teaches you how to work with both regulated and dysregulated states utilising UZAZU’s 9 Modes of Engagement.
  • Provides you with a simple 5-step process for embodied 1-1 facilitation that helps clarify how and what you bring into focus with your clients, and deepens the integrative benefits of the change they experience.
  • Integrates easily and synergistically with the work you already do, whether you are a coach, psychotherapist or other helping professional.

    You will come away from the training ready to start bringing this work to your clients and to help them access more of the wisdom and power of their own embodied intelligence.


    UZAZU Findhorn

    Registration details

    A three-day/three-night programme, inclusive of accommodation at Cluny Hill and all meals.

    Early Bird Discount available until 1st April:

    Choose between standard and boutique rooms. All rooms have access to free WiFi. Learn more about Cluny Hill, the location, and find  directions to Cluny Hill.

    Check in: Tuesday, 23rd
    Check out: Friday, 26th

    “UZAZU Embodied Intelligence really offered the map, the framework, the developmental structure, and then tools to support someone. Now that I have an embodied map, I can take any issue and map it with UZAZU and get a much more well rounded view of ‘this is what’s going on’, so I can get to the roots of the issue easier.”


    Presenter bio

    Dylan Newcomb UZAZU

    Dylan Newcomb

    Dylan Newcomb is a mind-body researcher, coach, teacher, and founder/director of the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence method. Over the past 20 years, Dylan has taught his unique approach to embodiment training, currently called UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, to over 3,000 students across 4 continents. 

    He has trained coaches, therapists, group facilitators, police, doctors, and business leaders in how to quickly balance their inner states to bring more ease and flow to their engagement in the world. Dylan is increasingly recognised as one of the leaders in the space of bringing the science and practice of embodiment-based personal development into the 21st Century.

    Dylan works with coaches, therapists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and cultural creatives of all kinds to cultivate and access the specific embodied states that help empower them to more effortlessly thrive in their personal and professional relationships and take joyful, effective action on their authentic inspirations. He has led over 200 workshops and trainings for helping professionals and ‘laypeople’, teaching about self-regulation and state-shifting.

    Deb Grant UZAZU

    Deb Grant

    Practising psychotherapy for over 25 years, Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT integrates Body-oriented Psychotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, other somatic methods, energy psychology (including EFT), and ego state work in her trauma-informed psychotherapy work with clients to help create lasting healing and change.

    She brings consultation and professional development workshops to therapists and other helping professionals, exploring the integration of somatic/body-based work with psychotherapy. As a trainer for UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, a movement-based comprehensive therapeutic change modality, Deb also provides professional workshops and certification programs in UZAZU for coaches and therapists.



    Start Date: 23/05/2023
    End Date: 26/05/2023


    Cluny Hill
    Findhorn Foundation, Cluny Hill, St Leonards Rd
    Forres, IV36 2RD United Kingdom
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