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Erraid Retreat: 28 January 2023

Start Date: 28/01/2023
End Date: 04/02/2023

Enjoy a week on the beautiful and wild Scottish Isle of Erraid, either on a quiet retreat or connecting with the land and helping alongside the people of this small eco-spiritual community.

Welcome to Erraid!

Erraid is a tiny island in the Inner Hebrides, off the beautiful west coast of Scotland. It’s a wild and majestic place, within sight of Iona.
The small eco-community enjoys a simple lifestyle – work, play, celebration and meditation are undertaken with an open heart and a willingness to listen to spirit.
Erraid is a perfect setting for a personal retreat, a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to nourish yourself with the richness of community life, or simply a pause in which to allow other experiences to settle into your being.

Feel the call of wild beauty

Week-long retreats on Erraid offer an opportunity to rest and reconnect to the land, the air and the sea. Slow down to live in rhythm with the island’s seasons and tides, breathe in the invigorating fresh sea air, explore the island and take part in the community’s working and spiritual life.
Aside from those at a single croft, and the cluster of stone cottages managed by the Findhorn Foundation, the island’s only inhabitants are wildlife and the ubiquitous sheep. Its rolling hills are fringed with rocky coves and white-sand beaches, surrounded by crystal seas.

Whether you are called to Erraid because of its outstanding stillness and wild beauty, to experience community living or simply to spend time within its powerful loving energy, you will be amazed at how soon you can let go and simply ‘be’ in the moment.

Keepers of the light

The quality of stillness and the simplicity of life on Erraid are an invitation to slow down and experience a different way of being.
Like-minded members of the small eco-spiritual community walk a spiritual path together, living a simple daily rhythm.
In cosy lighthouse keepers’ cottages, they hold the light for themselves and others, surrounded by the wild elemental beauty of the ancient landscape.

Erraid and Robert Louis Stevenson

The island was once the home of the Stevenson family, a legendary dynasty of lighthouse keepers and builders of many of Scotland’s lighthouses.
They built the cottages on Erraid, as well as the outhouses and lighthouse observatory up the hill.
Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island and one of Scotland’s most famous writers, was so inspired by the wildness and peace he found while visiting his father there, that he set part of his novel, Kidnapped, on Erraid.

The wishing stone on Erraid

Be sure to visit the Wishing Stone, where – as the story goes – Robert Louis Stevenson wished he’d one day become a famous writer …

View across the water of the houses on the Isle of Erraid, rocks and seaweed in the foreground

What to Expect

You’re invited to join the small eco-spiritual community, part of the Findhorn Foundation, whose members look after the island.

There are two ways to visit.

On a Retreat Week, you’ll take time for yourself while being held by the community and healing energies of the island. You’ll be part of the community circle, joining in with meditations, sharings, meals and other whole-community activities.

The rest of the time is spent as you choose – exploring the island, taking dips in the sea, or relaxing in your cottage in front of the fire!

On a Love in Action Week, you can enjoy the wild beauty of the island as well as immersing yourself in the rhythm of community’s spiritual and working life. You will join daily tasks such as gardening, cooking, polishing candles or any other tasks that make island life possible. As a spiritual community these tasks are seen as Love in Action.

You will also be able to join meditations, sharings and sacred singing when they are offered.

A candle in the window in one of the houses on Erraid

Prices and Accommodation

Erraid is open to guests most weeks of the year, with special themed retreats on the Celtic festivals.

Prices include the full week on Erraid, your accommodation and three daily meals – mostly vegetarian and largely local and organic.

You’ll share one of the cottages and have your own bedroom – please know that some bedrooms are inter-linked.

Prices are on a sliding scale from £600 to £300 per week, with three suggestions:

  • A basic price, which covers the pure costs of your visit and is intended for those with limited resources.
  • A middle prices covers your basic costs and contributes to the maintenance of the island.
  • Above the middle price contributes to large investments that are needed, or to a bursary fund to help others with limited funds enjoy Erraid.

A non-refundable deposit of £175 (Retreat guest) or £125 (Love in Action guest) confirms your stay.

We look forward to welcoming you to Erraid!


Start Date: 28/01/2023
End Date: 04/02/2023


Findhorn Foundation, Erraid Scotland PA66 6BN United Kingdom + Google Map


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