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Creating Findhorn Where You Are

Date: 03/04/2023
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM BST See your local time
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A unique six-month course based on the history, wisdom and energy of the impulse of the Findhorn Foundation, with guest speakers from the Community.

Two people, Britta and Ash, walking through the labyrinth in the dunes smiling

About Creating Findhorn Where You Are

Community members Britta, Ash and Alex will guide you through eight spiritual ‘footsteps’, based on the spiritual journey that has been experienced by guests here at the Findhorn Foundation for many years.

A Unique Course that Brings the Magic of Findhorn into Your Home

Creating Findhorn Where You Are is holistic journey of personal change and discovery based on the three principals of the Findhorn Foundation — Inner Listening, Love in Action and Co-creation with Nature. We will explore the wisdom, history, practices and energy of the impulse of this community, which will help you make incremental changes in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual habits. Over the months we will spend together you will discover new ways to relate to yourself and the world around you, helping bring more of the magic feeling of this special place into your home, wherever you live.

Based on decades our of community’s mystery school approach to spiritual learning and the wisdom of our founders, Creating Findhorn Where You Are provides a step-by-step pathway to begin to understand and move forward in life.

This course will help those who may be new to us orient themselves with our unique spiritual approach and learn about our history. It will also help people who have been connected with us before who want to reconnect with the feeling and energy of this unique place, bringing more aliveness to everyday living.

The tools you receive in each step of the journey will be something you can use again and again, going deeper with them each time.

We will meet every four weeks and explore each of the following eight spiritual footsteps along the journey, plus a completion session:

  1. Step Away from the Routine — 3 April
  2. Eat in Harmony with Nature and Your Body — 1 May
  3. Meditate and Spend time in Nature — 5 June
  4. Find Love and Self Acceptance with Others — 3 July
  5. Put Love and Creativity into Daily Life — 31 July
  6. Bring Ritual and Celebration into Your Life — 28 August
  7. Live Consciously with Intention and Inner Guidance — 25 September
  8. Step Out and Serve in the World — 23 October
  9. Completion and Celebration — 30 October.
Who this course is for

Creating Findhorn Where You Are takes the best of the tools we have developed here and takes you through them in a simple format to apply and integrate each part, one step at a time, into your life.


We welcome you to join us on this course if you are new to us, wanting to reconnect with the magic of this place or experiencing a life transition and looking for a framework for change. While the main sessions are focused on teaching the tools and practices, you are also supported in deepening your journey through guided homegroups.

How the steps work

Facilitated online live from Findhorn, this six-month experiential course takes you through a step-by-step journey of inner discovery and learning, working with tools developed over many years here at the Findhorn Foundation.


As someone wanting to start your connection with us or reconnect with the magic of this place, you be taken on a series of experiences that:


  • Gives you a framework for change based on this community’s unique history and spiritual heritage.
  • Teaches you how to experience life as a mystery school and bring magic into each moment.
  • Provides you with a simple step-by-step approach for self development that you can revisit through recorded sessions
  • Integrates the essence of the Findhorn Foundation’s principals of Inner Listening, Love in Action and Co-Creation with Nature into your everyday life.
  • Provides you with a deeper knowledge of this community’s history.


You will come away from this course with tools and practices you can immediately start to apply in your work, relationships and everyday life, bringing greater mindfulness, meaning and magic in every moment.

The Nature Sanctuary, a magical place for quiet contemplation, meditation and singing in the community at Findhorn
The Nature Sanctuary, a magical place for quiet contemplation, meditation and singing in the community at Findhorn

Registration details

A six-month programme with live sessions on Zoom every four weeks, plus supportive homegroup sessions between the main sessions.



or start today for £65 a month

All live sessions will be recorded for you to rewatch.

Starting: Monday, 3rd April
Ending: Monday, 23rd October

If finances are holding you back you can apply for financial assistance through our Education Support Fund

“I’ve loved doing the course, and wish I could do it all over again. This has given me a wonderful taste of the Findhorn approach that I can incorporate into my life now.”



Presenter bio

Britta Schmitz portrait

Britta Schmitz

Britta Schmitz (PhD) has been part of the Findhorn Foundation since 2009. For five years she lived on the beautiful Isle of Erraid on the Scottish west coast. Living so close to the elements has had a big impact on her life and strengthened her connection to the earth and the divine.

She is passionate about creating a supportive environment for each participant’s individual transformational journey, enabling them to find out who they truly are and want to be in this world. For many years she has been part of the team that manages Cullerne, the Foundation’s organic food production garden, and held the staff intake programme. Currently she enjoys creating content for social media.

A large part of her spiritual path has taken her on a shamanic journey. Before she came to Erraid she trained as a primary school teacher, taught at university and wrote her PhD thesis on Gender Studies.

Ash doing love in action in the garden (centred)

Ash Balderson

Ash Balderson has been part of the Findhorn Community for over ten years now. Together with her husband Sy she came to do Experience Week in Cluny. It was the first Experience Week of the year and the group bonded so well that many stayed here afterwards. Ash ended up focalising Cullerne Garden before the couple went away to live their lives in Scotland and England infused by their Findhorn experience. During the pandemic they came back and Ash is now a wholehearted gardener in Park Garden, living her passion for the plants and all the other beings in the garden in alignment with the core practices of the Findhorn Foundation.

Alex Wright

Alex Wright

Alex Wright first came to the Findhorn Foundation and Community over 12 years ago at the age of 19, when he fell in love with the wild landscape and the powerful effects of the practices we embody here at the Findhorn Foundation. He is passionate about creating media that uplifts and inspires people.

While he is more often found behind the scenes running the tech for events at the Findhorn Foundation, in 2020 he had a moment of inspiration when he conceived the steps behind Creating Findhorn Where You Are from his experiences of living and working here, and developed them into an online course.



Date: 03/04/2023
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM BST See your local time
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