Every year we welcome thousands of visitors from around the world to participate in our community life in a variety of ways.

The Findhorn Foundation community is a special place and even if you don’t stay for long, you and your world may be changed forever.

  • Experience Week

    The best way to come to Findhorn and find out about what it’s like – it’s seven days that can change your life and your world.

  • Visitors Centre

    Where we welcome visitors and provide information about the activities of the Foundation and the wider Findhorn community. Find out opening times and details of tours of The Park.

  • How to get to Findhorn

    Details of how to get to the Findhorn Foundation, by road, rail and air.

  • Short Term Guest

    If you don't have time to engage in a full week-long programme, you can still participate in the daily life of the community by joining us as a Short Term Guest for between 1 and 6 days.

  • Group Visits

    We can accommodate group visits to suit a wide variety of people.

  • The Universal Hall

  • Findhorn Community Bed & Breakfast List

    List of Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the Park Ecovillage and the local area.