Song for Marion (Film)

Saturday 31st Aug 2013

Song For Marion

A grumpy retiree discovers a new gift while wrestling with the impending death of his beloved wife in this inspirational musical film. Arthur (Terence Stamp) has shared a long marriage with his wife Marion (Vanessa Redgrave) but receives devastating news that their days together are numbered. Even though Marion’s condition might be terminal, she chooses to accept the diagnosis while doing her best to cherish what time she has remaining with her husband. Meanwhile, Arthur’s mood grows even worse. However, when she asks him to be her substitute in the senior choir she sings in, he agrees in an attempt to make her smile. What Arthur doesn’t know is that choir director Elizabeth (Gemma Arterton) likes to teach untraditional tunes such as Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” rather than the ordinary choir standards. In time, something remarkable happens: Arthur finds his voice and remembers how it feels to be completely alive in the moment. Christopher Eccleston (who played Doctor Who in 2005) also stars as Arthur’s son James.

Rated: PG-13, Running Time 93 min. Directed by Paul Andrew Williams

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