The Spooky Men’s Chorale

Monday 22nd Aug 2011

The Spooky Men are supported by the wonderful Forres Big Choir for this performance.

The Spooky Men's Chorale is an Australian male a cappella vocal ensemble the like of which you have never seen before! Not only are they beautiful singers with gorgeous voices, they are also a barrel of laughs as they steadfastly refuse to take themselves seriously (though they are completely serious about their music – check out the video link below). The Spooky Men emerged onto the Australian national music festival scene in 2004 and have toured internationally since 2006. Their collection Urban Sea Shanties, was awarded 'Best Album' by the Australian Film and Sound Archive in 2009.

"Take 15 men, dress them in black, school them in the Georgian choral tradition, and let them loose on the subjects of politics, untidiness and, er, tools. Then stand back and enjoy the beautifully sung anarchy." Glasgow Herald

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To view the Spooky Men click on the image below

Price: £12 / £10 and £8 U-16's (concessions)