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Thank you so much for being a Friend of the Foundation. As a friend you support us in our life changing work. Below you’ll find access to our latest conferences, free accessible for Friends of the Foundation. Please keep the link confidential. Enjoy watching!

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In this conference we explored ways to go beyond old separations and increase the love between the human and the subtle realms. This event will give you tools and practices to work with different members of Earth’s ‘second ecology’ of subtle and spiritual energies and beings – and your own subtle and spiritual aspects.

  1. Opening Session
  2. Opening Session: David Spangler about co-creating with subtle worlds
  3. Sunday Morning: Passport territories and tools
  4. Sunday Afternoon: Mary Inglis about Subtle Activism
  5. Sunday Afternoon: Uta Gabbay about our Higher Human Coworkers
  6. Monday Morning: Jeremy Berg and Søren Hauge about the Sidhe
  7. Monday Afternoon: Søren Hauge about the worlds of the Sidhe
  8. Monday Afternoon: Sandra Ingerman about experiencing the Shamanic Journey
  9. Tuesday Morning: Judy McAllister about voices of nature
  10. Tuesday Morning: Marko Pocagnik about Earth Changes
  11. Tuesday Afternoon: Freya Secrest about Devas of Cities and Countries
  12. Tuesday Afternoon Jeremy Berg about Techno Elementals
  13. Thursday Morning: Vance Martin and Timothy Hass
  14. Thursday Morning continues: Vance Martin and Timothy Hass about Bringing it Home and Fiery Hop
  15. Thursday Afternoon Completion Ritual
  16. Dorothy Addresses the Community
  17. Deborah’s Drawings

What Makes Life Work? The Concept, Practice and Application of Natural Intelligence.

What if we are currently trying to make things work without understanding the underlying mechanics? What if these hidden mechanics were a crucial influence in the results we are getting? And what if our continued misunderstanding was responsible for the increased challenges we are now facing?
We need a whole new understanding to go any further. The kind of understanding that can change the future we are heading towards.
Jeddah Mali explains how natural intelligence can address some of the pressing issues of our time. There are in total 12 sessions.

Do you want to listen to your gut or God? Intuition, our ‘gut’, is a natural survival instinct we have, while higher guidance is an earned spiritual relationship that we develop between our soul and the Divine.

In this three day workshop held at the Findhorn Foundation in November 2017, Caroline helps us to find the Divine using the ancient art of Spiritual Direction. This is a technique of inner examination that guides you to explore the essential questions of your life with the intention of embracing the guidance of your spirit. It reveals how the passages we face in our lives such as birth, marriage and separations awaken profound currents of change that eventually become constant directives providing spiritual guidance in our lives.

This is a series of 10 sessions, each one lasting approximately one and a half hours.

This 5 day conference was held in September 2016. The video recordings comprise the nine keynote talks, which unfold what ‘Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth” means and how awareness of birth can support our evolution, in co-creation with nature.

  1. Robbie Davis Floyd – The Technocratic, Humanistic, and Holistic Paradigms of Birth and Health Care
  2. Robin Lim – Awakening Birth
  3. Binnie A Dansby – Birth Ecology is Earth Ecology
  4. Michel Odent – From the Neolithic Revolution to the Symbiotic Revolution
  5. Elena Tonetti Vladimirova – Correlation between birth complications and traumatic experiences
  6. Angelina Martinez Miranda – Traditional Midwifery Through the Generations
  7. Ray Castellino and Charisse Basquin – Preparing Families for Birth and Supporting Birth Resolution
  8. Robin Grille: Neuro-social Evolution: How connectedness was lost and how we can reclaim it
  9. Romiro Romero – An indigenous male midwife’s view from Colombia.