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This is why we believe the unseen worlds are calling you

Refugees, climate change, increasing gaps between rich and poor. As humans we are facing many challenges. However, we believe that we are not alone – and that we may be overlooking essential partners. We believe that our planet is alive and conscious, and that we can work with its many unseen ecologies. For the sake of our future, it is essential that we do so. The Findhorn Foundation is dedicated to exploring ways of doing this. Below, you will find a sample of what we have learned so far.

Many of us have encountered the unseen worlds but don’t know how to fit them into the rest of our lives. Was my experience real? Or an illusion? And if it’s real, what does this mean for how I live from now on?

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community that has learned to work practically with the unseen realms in daily life. On these pages you’ll find stories about communicating with animals, co-creating beautiful gardens with help of nature spirits and remarkable contacts with unseen beings. Here we share what we discovered about working with the unseen worlds. And how it might benefit your life and our planet.

Engaging with the subtle worlds isn’t simply to experience or explore the non-physical dimensions. The larger purpose is to engage the underlying wholeness that ties the physical and non-physical domains into a living, creative oneness.

David Spangler

Here’s how you can engage:

1) In September 2018 we held our Co-Creative Spirituality conference which was about shaping our future with the unseen worlds. You can still take a look at the sessions we livestreamed.

Co-Creative Spirituality Livestream

2) Find out how two spiritual pioneers – the Lorian Association and the Findhorn Foundation – came together to co-create an extraordinary event that opened people to the unseen worlds.

Talking to plants

Dorothy MacleanDorothy Maclean, one of the founders of the Findhorn Community, discovered that she could talk with the spirit of the plants. That experience is one of the deep roots of co-creative spirituality.
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Why this conference?

Lunch in CCCommunity member and conference organiser Thomas Miller shares how he answered a call from the subtle realms to organise a unique gathering.
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Live as whole beings

The LoriansWe co-created our Co-Creative Spirituality conference with The Lorian Association. Their main question: What would the world be like if all people were living as whole beings: physical, subtle/energetic and spiritual?
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3) Discover how you can work with the unseen worlds in practical ways

Angel qualities

Dorothy MacleanDiscover how you can work with Angel Qualities in your day-to-day life.
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Subtle energies

Lunch in CCIf you have ever felt a strange atmosphere in a room for no apparent reason, you already encountered subtle energies. Freya Secrest explains how to work with them.
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4) Sign up for these workshops to explore the world in new ways


Talk with animals

Dorothy MacleanAnimal communication is a skill we are all born with. In this workshop you discover how you actually use it.
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Year course in spirituality

Lunch in CCThe accredited Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness from Findhorn College allows you to explore and deepen your spirituality, learn about the demonstrable health benefits of spiritual practice and strengthen your ability to help others. (Four modules: October 13th – April 2019)
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Lorian courses

Dorothy MacleanThe Lorian Association offers many online courses in working with subtle worlds.

Findhorn programmes

Lunch in CCDiscover all the workshops Findhorn is offering, including Experience week which is the basic course to discover the Findhorn Community.
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5) Watch our series The Easter Talks where Thomas Miller interviews keynote speakers from the Conference

Non-physical beings

Dorothy MacleanDavid Spangler has perceived non-physical beings all his life. Talking about them, his approach is biological, rather than mystical. What are non-physical beings according to him?

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The Sidhe – our invisible cousins

Lunch in CCJeremy Berg explains about The Sidhe, a branch of humanity that never entered physical incarnation as deeply as we did.
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Integrating in life

Lunch in CCWilliam Bloom never felt free to talk about his experiences with the subtle worlds. How did he learn to integrate that into his life, eventually becoming the UK’s leading mind-body-spirit educator?
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