Monthly Theme for August 2016


The unshakable knowing of the heart when nothing makes sense to the mind. Optimism is an expression of faith in action.

Faith is the breath of God that animates our soul. We cannot see it, we can only feel it – when we pay attention. Doubt is the uncertainty that our source of spiritual power will be available to us in times of misfortune, pain and illness.

It is normal to experience spiritual doubt. In fact, times of doubt can lead to our greatest transformative moments and is the ‘can’ opener to faith.

The future is unknown and therefore brings with it a feeling of uncertainty. It is faith that teaches us to contemplate the invisible which is beyond our grasp; not through the power of knowledge but the power of feeling.

Our faith connects the past to the future and gives us a kind of spiritual gravity. It reassures us that God is in the future just as in the present and past. All that is unknowable is held within God and that includes us, our families, friends and all our collective well being; yesterday, today and tomorrow in all ways.

Worry is a flag waving where faith is waiting to enter. Hope lives in the mind – faith lives in the heart. Fall out of your mindsets and have confidence your heart will catch you. There are no accidental experiences or chance inner states.

The spiritual dimensions of life are real, more real in fact than what we call life on this earth. Faith is the unifying principle that weaves together all experiences.

May this month provide a ‘faith-lift’ bringing you a refreshed outlook and renewed perspective.


p.s. If you worked with the Angel of Clarity during July, take a few moments to release it with your gratitude before welcoming the Angel of Faith into your life for the month of August.