Monthly Theme for January 2017


Look at the world with soul sight. 
Use your imagination, inner sense and peripheral promptings to see the bigger picture and shape the future you desire.

Vision holds within it the possibility of revelation – the realisation of seeing a greater truth about life. Even a glimpse can alter perception in such a way that major shifts in our behaviour occur because it changes the context of our world-view. A key to soul sight (what the soul sees and knows) is intuition.

Intuition is the appreciation of an aspect of truth that gives a level of foresight beyond our immediate five senses. It is the deeper sense of relational connection from small co-incidences to the astounding miracles.

Learning to navigate the phenomenal world, the world of soul, brings with it the capacity to interpret and act from a deep level of connected comprehension. To live in vision is to master the art of connectedness on behalf of the whole.

To consciously envision is to know what seeds you are planting and therefore what will grow. Be a conscious gardener; be patient, nurture and cultivate each seed you plant with action appropriate intent. Appreciate and give thanks at each stage of growth as it unfolds into the next.

We hope the Angels continue to inspire your life. 
May your heart be happy and your vision clear.

Happy New Year – Blessing for deep fulfilment as we all hold each other with the intent to bring our Visions into reality…


p.s. If you worked with the Angel of Love during December, take a few moments to release it with your gratitude before welcoming the Angel of Vision into your life for the month of January.