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Universal Hall Campaign

Universal HallThe inspirational and iconic Universal Hall was built by pioneering volunteers in the 1970s and 80s. It has served the Findhorn Foundation and the local area for over 30 years as a beloved sacred space for community gatherings, celebrations and performances.

Your donation to the Universal Hall will support these renovations and more:

Here’s where we are now!

  • Rainwater retention system £300 This changed into copper gutter installation and completed in August. See the picture attached
  • Replacement of Bose system £1,800 We have raised approx. £1,300 so far and would like to upgrade the speakers which are £4,000. We still need to raise £2,700. In longer term we could save money if we go to the best option that last longer.
  • External wood treatment £3,000 No movement this year
  • Refurbishment in the foyer (phase one) £4,300 No movement this year
  • New fire alarm system £8,610 Thanks to a Chinese experience participant who generously donated £8,000 towards this much needed work. The installation of the new fire alarm system has been completed and working perfectly since November. Not only upgraded the whole system we moved the control panel from inside the cafe to outside of it which increased the accessibility greatly. See the picture attached