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Current Campaigns

How do your gifts help?

When you support us, you are helping give the gift of transformation to the participants we serve. You can best support us by making a donation for general purposes to the Findhorn Foundation as it will go to the areas that require most support at any given time. Your gifts make possible things like improving our gardens and participant spaces. Our gardens and living areas are our co-creators and teachers. Your gifts help us develop them and continue helping people learn to connect with the consciousness of nature.

You can also choose to directly support one of our current campaigns:

Universal Hall Findhorn

1. Help Build New Guest Houses

Help replace worn out bungalows with guest houses designed to give people a lived experience of sustainability and spirituality.

  • World-leading examples of sustainable design
  • Designed and built through our practices of inner listening and co-creating with the intelligence of nature
  • New guest accommodation for up to 15 guests
  • To be built next to the Original Garden

These spaces will help hundreds of participants each year experience new possibilities in their lives. See the current designs and donate here.
Fundraising goal: £350,000

Dorothy Maclean

2. Honouring Our Elders

Help keep the elders of the Foundation engaged with our organisational direction and community rhythms as the enter a new phase of life.

  • Supports co-workers over 70 to stay within the community and helps keep us connected to the core impulse that founded this centre of light
  • Just £200 enables one week of Findhorn Community living.
  • Your donation will allow us to provide high quality care and fun local outings.

We love and value our elders, all they have given and their ongoing blessings of wisdom and perspective.
Fundraising goal: £20,000


3. Spreading the Word from CCC19

Help the Climate Change and Consciousness community to raise the funds needed to gift an edited bundle of Keynotes from the Climate Change and Consciousness Conference (CCC19) to all participants so that they can, in turn, distribute them to friends, colleagues and networks.

Fundraising goal: £10,000

Or you can support our bursary fund
Financial aid for those in need. We believe transformational learning should be available to all. Your gifts help us be able to grant bursaries and financial assistance to those who need it and to keep being part of our community accessible and sustainable.

Your gift of hope

A much appreciated gift

Treya Killum was a member of the Findhorn Foundation in the 1970’s. She met and married Ken Wilber. Ten days after the wedding she was diagnosed as having cancer. The courageous and beautiful story of Treya and Ken’s relationship, her battle with cancer and her eventual death is told in the magnificent book Grace and Grit.

The news of Treya’s legacy to the Findhorn Foundation arrived minutes after a Community meeting announcing the beginning of building houses at The Park. It was decided there and then to use this gift to build the first house for long-term members of the Foundation. The house was completed in 1991 and named Treya.