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For over fifty years the Findhorn Foundation has been inspiring people from all over the world to experience transformation. Through our educational workshops and programmes, thousands of people each year connect with a new human consciousness – and carry it out into the world.

We rely on the support of partners like you to continue our work in the world. Join our community of transformation and help share the magic of Findhorn with others. Be a part of co-creating a new future!
We welcome your support.

How can you make a contribution?

There are many ways to financially support the work of the Findhorn Foundation. All are very welcome.


How does your contribution help the Findhorn Foundation?

When you support us, you are helping give the gift of transformation to the participants we serve. You can best support us by making a donation for general purposes to the Findhorn Foundation as it will go to the areas that require most support at any given time but you are also welcome to specifically support any of our current campaigns.