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Help Share the Light of Findhorn During This Time

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Facing our current global crisis, The Findhorn Foundation community is focusing on sharing inspiring online material with people around the world. This includes our recent film Inner Climate Change and a live, daily meditation service, the Light of Findhorn. Especially now, as many people face economic uncertainty, we want to make as much of this material as possible free. We know that during this time it is more important than ever to share a positive vision for the future. And we are committed to doing this.

If you can contribute today to this sharing of the presence and inspiration of Findhorn during this transformative period and beyond, it would be a real blessing.

What would help most at this time is for you to join our monthly giving network, the Network of Friends. We also welcome one-off donations, using the form below.

US donors can make tax-deductible donations through our partner organisation, the Hygeia Foundation (just designate ‘Findhorn Foundation’ as the recipient as you make the donation).

Thank you.

Now more than ever people need the practices of inner listening, co-creation with the intelligence of nature and love in action. This time is an opportunity to deepen into our own connection with spirit and partner with our subtle and spiritual allies. Together with you, we are:


  • Offering as much of our online content as possible free.
  • Creating new online content to help people connect with the community and access spiritual resources.
  • Holding our world situation spiritually and energetically through increased meditation and engagement with subtle allies.

As difficult as it is, we know that this challenge is also an opportunity.

We can become still and present to the world situation. As we do so, we can each sense and invite positive new possibilities to emerge. Even in this time – especially in this time – we can sense the presence of spirit supporting the emergence of a new world.
And sensing this, we can make an affirmation from our hearts, knowing that doing this has power to shape our inner world and hence the outer world.

This is the same affirmation that one of our founders, Eileen Caddy, made decades ago:

all is very, very well.