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Subsidised Places for Onsite Workshops

Last updated: 4 February 2022

As a Scottish registered Charity, we are committed to supporting people with a low income, young people, people who are unwaged, or people from developing countries to be able to join our workshops. As such, concessions are available.

Before you apply for a subsidised place, please take a moment to consider that the Findhorn Foundation is a Charitable Trust. The funds for subsidised places come from generous donations made by our donors and these funds are limited.  We are not a ‘Foundation’ in the same sense as Foundations in the United States which are institutions established with an endowment.

Here’s a bit more information:

  • Subsidised Place Requests can be made for most Findhorn Foundation workshop/events. (This may exclude affiliated/partnership workshops.) It’s not possible to apply for subsidised places for the self led, self catering Retreats at The Park.
  • Only one request per person per booking.  If you wish to change workshop/event to another type or another date, then you will need to make a new request.
  • A maximum of two requests can be awarded per person, per year.  We do not consider follow on / consecutive requests.
  • Our offers of subsidised places are based on your personal circumstances as well as attunement (you can read more about attunement through inner listening here).
  • Reductions of between 10% and 50% may be offered for a subsidised place. Occasionally we refuse requests for subsidised places.
  • Our offer is final and we cannot enter into correspondence around this.
  • We do not offer payment by instalments for our workshop/events.
  • Places on your chosen workshop/event are not confirmed until the subsidised offer has been accepted and we have sent your confirmation email.
  • For online workshops and events, please see relevant booking forms.

To apply for a Subsidised Place:

  • If subsidised places are available, there will be a ‘tick box’ on the booking form of your chosen workshop/event.
  • Please complete the booking form, ticking the box for subsidised places, and pay your booking fee.  Note:  if you are not offered a subsidised place or you refuse the offer and do not go ahead with your booking, your booking fee will be refunded.
  • We’ll then send you a Google Form to complete and return to us.
  • Processing the request takes between 3 and 5 days, after which, if successful, we will send you an offer.
  • On acceptance of the offer by you, we will send your confirmation email of your booking, along with a revised amount due for your balance payment.
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