Memories & Miracles

Celebrating 50 years of the Findhorn Community


Many of our friends have shared how much they love our photos of nature that we share on Facebook. Inspired by that we have put together a unique collection of images and audio that we trust captures the journey and essence of the first 50 years of this spiritual community and ecovillage.

Memories & Miracles is a USB stick containing photos, slideshows and video, as well as audio and guidance from our three founders, and has been recently updated to include Dorothy Maclean’s guidance from angels, devas and God.

The more you give freely and joyously, the more love pours forth from you.

Eileen Caddy

Inscribed with the words ‘Expect A Miracle’ and made from recycled materials, it contains a broad selection of audio and visual delights that will transport you to this special place:

  • Then & Now, a slideshow showing the transformation from a sandy caravan park to a beautiful and thriving global ecovillage
  • The Magic of Nature, a collection of some of our most beautiful photos
  • and a slideshow of Community Life
  • guidance received by Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean
  • audio inspiration from Peter Caddy
  • videos about the Findhorn Foundation
  • our 2012 brochure

All of this, plus 3Gb of storage space for your own files.

You can play the slideshows, videos or audio, browse through our brochure, or download your favourite nature images to your desktop. However you use it you can revisit Findhorn when you like!

Listen to the sounds of nature whenever you have the chance.

Dorothy Maclean

They also make beautiful gifts for your family and friends. At £14 each, including postage and packing anywhere in the world, we can mail them to your loved ones for you.

To order your copy of Memories & Miracles please click here.

All proceeds from the sale of the memory sticks will support the work and vision of the Findhorn Foundation as it moves into the next 50 years.

For enquiries or questions about the memory stick please email us at: .

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