By Peter Caddy

In Perfect Timing
The Autobiography of Peter Caddy

PeopleNames013In another age legends would have sprung up about the life of Peter Caddy, co-founder of the famous Findhorn Community and a respected leader in the New Age movement. Early in his life, Peter surrendered himself to the will of God and from this gained an unshakable faith that served him and others throughout his life.

He also gave himself completely and unconditionally to life, embracing it with zest, courage and delight. There was nothing otherworldly about Peter. He was a man of action who thoroughly enjoyed taking on a challenge – the greater the better. Whether serving in the wartime RAF, climbing the Himalayas in Tibet, managing a luxury hotel on spiritual principles or running a New Age community, he climbed every mountain God put in front of him. As a consequence, his life reads like an adventure novel: it is a ripping good yarn, which is all the more powerful because it is true.

Reviews and endorsements

He makes no concessions, telling the unvarnished truth as he experienced it, with no apology and no more explanation than absolutely necessary… a man of action, powerfully attractive, fun loving and a raconteur, with a showman’s tendency toward grandiosity.

Gnosis Magazine

A founding father of the New Age

The Guardian

A doer for God

David Spangler

We need those of heroic, almost mythological mettle who are not afraid of putting their hand into the fire and seizing the treasures to be found there. Peter Caddy was such a man.

Sir George Trevelyan


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