Opening Doors Within

Opening Doors Within book coverIt’s over 50 years since Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation, first received personal guidance from a ‘still, small voice’ inside herself, a source she calls ‘the God within’. This perennial diary, read by more than a million people every day, presents a selection of these inspirational and practical messages – as relevant today as they were when she received them – simple teachings offered in the hope that they will help others find faith, fulfillment and inner peace.

Foreword by Diana Cooper

Many years ago I was invited to a conference in London at which Eileen was presenting. The speaker before her was a powerhouse of activity, urging everyone to take action. The hall was buzzing and I wondered how anyone could follow such a passionately electric speech.

Eileen stepped up to the podium and said quietly. “My guidance to you is to go within.” You could hear a pin drop. It was as if angels of peace had entered and enfolded everyone as she held the audience in her hand.

Eileen has long been one of my heroines. I am humbled to remember how she channeled night after night in difficult conditions despite her own fears and personal problems and I find her devotion and dedication totally inspiring. She was the catalyst for the great community of Findhorn – an awesome achievement for one lifetime.

When I received the message to say that she had passed on I was with some teachers from my school. We immediately lit a candle to tune in and offer prayers. The light and glorious sense of angels with her was overwhelming. She had an extraordinary life and has left a legacy which will enrich us all.

Thank you Eileen.

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