Footprints on the Path

Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation, received guidance from her ‘God within’ for over 50 years. Amidst the growing clutter of the ‘new age’ marketplace, it has become increasingly obvious that the simple and direct teaching that has come through her forms a solid basis for living a practical sacred life.

Eileen believed that the best way to help people is to turn them within to their own spiritual resources. The gentle but powerful messages in this book are offered as an aid to this contact with our divine source and can be used as a complete teaching in how to live a spiritual life.


Raise your consciousness
Realise that you are ageless
you are young as time
as old as eternity.
As you live fully and gloriously in the ever present now
you are always as young as the present
you are constantly being reborn in spirit and in truth.

You cannot remain static in this spiritual life
there is always something new and exciting
to learn and to do.
Living in a state of expectancy
keeps you ever alert and young.
When the mind becomes old and dull
life loses all its sparkle and zest.
Keep your mind alert and you can never grow old.

The fountain of youth is your consciousness;
the joy of living is the elixir of life.

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