• By Eileen Caddy

    It is over 50 years since Eileen Caddy first received personal guidance from a 'still, small voice within', a source she called 'the God Within.' From that day on she lived her life by that inner guidance, which led to the creation of the international spiritual community that is the Findhorn Foundation.

  • By Peter Caddy

    In another age legends would have sprung up about the life of Peter Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Community and a respected leader in the New Age movement. Early in his life, Peter surrendered himself to the will of God and from this gained an unshakable faith that served him throughout his life.

  • By Dorothy Maclean

    Dorothy Maclean may call herself an "ordinary mystic" but in fact she has had an extraordinary life with an equally extraordinary impact. This outstanding memoir, told with honesty and modesty, is the record of one of the most significant and loving spiritual figures of our time.

  • Findhorn’s 50th Birthday Book

    A celebratory offering to mark the 50th anniversary of the Findhorn Foundation Community.

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