How do we focus our courage and curiosity to create movement and change in our way of being in the world?

…by choosing a course that is alive, relational and engaging, offering an enriching process of becoming more of who you are.

…by saying yes to engaging deeply with your own experience to support healing and self-knowledge.

Spiritual Psychology Essentials is a standalone programme for anyone interested in deepening their own transformation. Offered in partnership with the Psychosynthesis Trust in London, it is also a first step in training to become a counsellor or psychotherapist.

The course is a prerequisite to enter stage two of the Psychosynthesis Trust’s Foundation Certificate in Psychosynthesis, held twice a year in September and February. So if this is of interest to you, Spiritual Psychology Essentials is a MUST!

The psychosynthesis model

This course offers an introduction to a practical, coherent and rigorous psychospiritual development process – the psychosynthesis model.

Learning, experience and exploration includes:

  • Access to creativity, intuition and inner wisdom
  • Connection to purpose, meaning and direction
  • Tools for inner leadership
  • Insight into limiting patterns and blocks
  • The possibility for more open and authentic relationships
  • Sense of wellbeing and interconnectedness with the larger whole

“All of the ideas and exercises had great value in them. I particularly enjoyed the exercise where we were asked to vocalise the wants of the other participants in smaller groups. It felt so powerful coming together in that way.”

— Course Participant

What to expect

This course is not for the faint hearted! We invite committed participation with a willingness for transformation.

Psychosynthesis brings you into contact with your inner experience and can be emotionally evocative. You will need to have a safe, confidential environment, good internet connection and to keep your video on for the duration of the sessions.

The 3.5 hour session each week allows time for sharing, reflection and integration of your learning experience. There will also be breakout groups for sharing and reflection.

There will be opportunities to practice and put into action your learnings between sessions. Buddy groups will provide additional peer to peer support.

“It was thoughtfully organised and presented. The sum of the parts was definitely greater than the whole… For me, subpersonalities and will were very powerful.”

— Course Participant

Pricing & Dates

We begin 29 June and end 31 August 2022. Each of our 10 online sessions will be held weekly on Wednesdays, 6pm – 9.30pm UK / 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 7pm Central Europe & South Africa / 3am Eastern Australia. This in depth time together each week creates the opportunity for on-going learning, engagement and integration during our ten week journey.

This is a live event with no replays.

Bookings closed!

This course is ideal if you:

  • Feel ready to embrace personal development and make a deep commitment to your personal transformation.
  • Are searching for meaning, purpose and a sense of place in an increasingly complex world.
  • Want to discover your possibilities, gain insight, energy and inspiration.
  • Want to create better relationships.
  • Are seeking a change or wanting to explore new options in life.
  • Are looking for a powerful toolbox to support your personal and professional life.
  • Are considering the possibility of becoming a counsellor or psychotherapist, as it will give you a thorough grounding in spiritual psychology.
  • Want to connect with your inner resources and activate your will as well as the principles of wholeness and purpose.

Diana Whitmore


Diana Whitmore, MA has practised psychosynthesis (spiritual psychology) over 35 years and is an accredited Senior Supervisor with the British Association for Counselling and a registered psychotherapist with UKCP. She provides professional training in the fields of business coaching, psychotherapy and counselling and youth work. Diana is Director, Scotland for Ecologia Youth Trust and oversees their Growing2gether programme and has authored two books Psychosynthesis in Education: A Guide to the Joy of Learning and Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action.

“Seeing people open up a bit more each day as the course went on and vocalising their fears and curiosity was an absolute gift… The two trainers… made my experience feel safe, professional (yet very personal), and nourishing.”

— Course Participant

Kim Shiller


Kim is Programmes Director with the Psychosynthesis Trust. After twenty years working in transpersonal and positive psychology, she values unity and difference, working transculturally and the significant contribution that under-represented diversities have to offer. She has developed curricula for young people and adults and has a fundamental interest in group dynamics. Kim is passionate about working consciously to support unfoldment, evolvement, and the purposeful nature of chaos in times of change.

“[The course] was completely excellent. The two presenters brought different approaches to their presenting and complimented each other richly.”

— Course Participant

“Powerful. Reflective. Enjoyable. At times challenging in a constructive manner. High quality of teaching and engagement by the tutors. Warmth, kindness and felt inherent understanding of the fragility of the human soul.”

— Course Participant

Bookings closed!

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