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Join us this Solstice season to take pause, reflect and receive the gifts that are born out of darkness

*** Sunday, 18th December ***

We are delighted to welcome Findhorn Fellow, Fionntulach of the Céile Dé (Culdee) tradition, as our guest for this Solstice gathering. This is a rare opportunity to hear from her as she presents The Rising of the Sun: What do “Light” and “Dark” mean in Native Celtic Spirituality?


The Céile Dé is a little known Celtic Order with an unbroken oral tradition stretching back to approximately the sixth century. It is comprised of teachings, prayers, chants and practices that deepen one into the heart of the Land, the Divine, as a Beloved of all life.

Inspired by our time with Fionntulach, we will have the opportunity to create our own prayers, chants and blessings, gifts for loved ones and for our earth community. We will end with sharing these with one another along with those rituals that we hold most dear.


We look forward to sharing this magical time of year with you,


Katherine Collis

Sunlight through doorway


Fionntulach has a long history with the Isle of Iona with it’s particular contribution to the Celtic world. As she shares in her own words…

“I used to run away from Iona. Then, one day, it caught me and held me fast until I could see it… feel it … allow it to do its gentle work… It has held me ever since as, Great Mystery willing, I grow in that embrace.”

— Fionntulach

Join us for this festival of rebirth

The Winter Solstice celebrates the Birth of the Light from out of the Darkest time. What does that Darkness hold for us if we but quiet long enough? What does the birth of the Light within mean? How does the Céile Dé Tradition work with these motifs to fuel the process of Spiritual Awakening?

And how does this understanding help us meet the unknowns of a world in the midst of transformation.

Pricing and dates

Join us Sunday 18 December on Zoom at 4pm UK time / check local time, until around 6.30pm.

If you are unable to be there, we will send you a replay.

Book Now £25

Celebrate the Celtic Year, including replays of a year of festivals £175

What to bring with you

  • A journal to write in
  • A candle to light for our sacred time together
  • An open heart that welcomes new possibilities and celebrates the Winter Solstice in the Spirit of Iona!

About Fionntulach

Native Celtic expressions of Spirituality have been the entire focus of Fionntulach’s life for forty years.
In the early eighties, she was a founder member of the Clan Dalriada, a Druid group then based on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. A few years later, she found the Céile Dé (Culdee) tradition, which eventually led to her taking vows as a Céile Dé Order member. Her ordination name, Fionntulach means Little Hill of Illumination.

From 1987 until 2004 she toured the world as Fiona Davidson; a bard – a teller of the sacred legends of the Gael, a singer, poet and harper. During that time she recorded several albums. In the early nineties, in response to enquiries from some people in her audiences about the tradition underlying her work, she also began to offer occasional workshops.

Towards the turn of the millennium, she received a call to extend the teachings more widely and in 2004, with the blessing of her teacher, she founded a community of lay-practitioners, known as ‘The Caim’.

Today her time is given entirely to teaching the Ceile De tradition, helping to grow new teachers of the tradition and guiding the growing world-wide Céile Dé community into the future.

Katherine Collis

About Katherine Collis

Katherine Collis is a Findhorn Fellow who lived in the Community in the early 1970s and has maintained a close relationship over the decades. Upon leaving she moved to the United States as part of the founding of the Lorian Association – a sister organisation to the Findhorn Foundation.

Katherine has a background in adult education, gerontology, human and spiritual development and works as a spiritual counsellor, retreat leader and teacher. She has a 50 year relationship with the Isle of Iona where she has led annual retreats and conference groups with a focus on Celtic Spirituality and its vision of the sacredness at the heart of all life.

Katherine lives in Santa Barbara, California where she partners with her husband Roger in mentoring groups and individuals.

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