Celebrate the Summer Solstice in the Spirit of Iona on 19 June 2022

You are wholeheartedly invited to join Katherine Collis, special guests and our worldwide Findhorn family on our online journey of pilgrimage into the heart of Celtic spirituality, celebrating the Summer Solstice together.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, when the sun is at its northernmost point in the sky. The Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate the light of the Sun and the light within us. It is an energetically charged day, ideal for setting or refining intentions and the season that follows, up to the Autumn Equinox, is a time for nourishing the patience and gratitude that is needed to cultivate growth and trust.

In our Spirit of Iona: Summer Solstice session, we are called to a powerful grounding of the love we feel for the earth as we focus on the ancient and unique geology of the island, as well as the relationships people form with rock and stone when they set foot on the holy isle and walk across the pre-creature rock formations.

You are wholeheartedly invited to join our worldwide Findhorn family in this powerful online pilgrimage into the heart of Celtic Spirituality – discovering what the Earth and the Spirit of Iona have to teach us in these times.

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Katherine Collis tells us about the Summer Solstice session of the Spirit of Iona series

Landscape of the sea and waves on Findhorn Beach at sunset

We would love you to join us, as we celebrate this deeper meaning of the Summer Solstice

Facilitated by Katherine Collis and guests, we will begin our Summer Solstice celebration with a simple ritual and a time of reflection.

Katherine and her guests will create a sacred space for you to explore how your inner life aligns with the seasonal cycles and the sacred within the land where you live, wherever you are in the world.

We will write poetry together, practice journaling, create artwork and dream. We will build community, sharing insights and experiences with one another, and listen, as we deepen into peace, prayer and pilgrimage and, through that, further discover our purpose within the whole.

We will learn about and attune to the sacred Isle of Iona – her geography, historic writings, poetry, art, music, myths and legends, as well as the traditions of creating blessings and prayers.

Pricing and dates

This event happened 19 June 2022 on Zoom. Click the button below to order the replay.

Book the Summer Solstice Replay £25

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for £25 to celebrate the Summer Solstice in the Spirit of Iona, or find out more about the year-long Spirit of Iona series for £175.

While our facilitators are here to support participants during events and courses, they are not trained therapists. We are not a therapy centre and the programmes are not designed for those needing therapeutic support.

What to bring with you

  • A journal to write in
  • Art materials – paper and paints, crayons, pencils of your choice
  • A candle to light for our sacred time together
  • An open heart that welcomes new possibilities
  • A special rock or stone to put near the candle
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Katherine Collis

About Katherine

Katherine Collis is a Findhorn Fellow who lived in the Community in the early 1970s and has maintained a close relationship over the decades. Upon leaving she moved to the United States as part of the founding of the Lorian Association – a sister organisation to the Findhorn Foundation.

Katherine has a background in adult education, gerontology, human and spiritual development and works as a spiritual counsellor, retreat leader and teacher. She has a 50 year relationship with the Isle of Iona where she has led annual retreats and conference groups with a focus on Celtic Spirituality and its vision of the sacredness at the heart of all life.

Katherine lives in Santa Barbara, California where she partners with her husband Roger in mentoring groups and individuals.

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