Celebrate the midpoint between winter and summer with special guest David Spangler

We would love you to join us, as we further journey into the Spirit of Iona though the Celtic Festivals of the year.

Welcome to our seasonal journey into the wellsprings of ‘Wisdom from the Celtic World’, our Equinox theme “Homecoming to the Soul of the World. ”

Our host Katherine Collis is joined at this special time by David Spangler, a Findhorn Fellow and one time co-director of the Findhorn Community, who was instrumental in initiating spiritual education into the Foundation. Co-founder of the Lorian Association, David is an author, teacher, spiritual researcher and wise counsellor to many groups and centres.

In this 8th Session, Katherine and David will explore the mysterious draw that the Isle of Iona has in attracting people from all over the world. As some of the elder residents of the island have said, “ Iona seems to travel” or “Iona calls”. And so it has done in centuries past and again in this last 100 years, drawing millions to her shores.

As we approach this upcoming Vernal Equinox – there is no better time than to explore the relationship between the Isle of Iona and this planetary ‘call’, one which is stirring within the hearts and minds of many from around the globe. Indeed, it has never been more urgent and compelling.

To help us take this next step of our journey, David will help us unwrap this mystery – another gift from the Spirit of Iona.

This session, which can be enjoyed on its own, is part of the Spirit of Iona: Wisdom of the Celtic World for our Time series. We will learn about and attune to the sacred Isle of Iona – her geography, historic writings, poetry, art, music, myths and legends, as well as the traditions of creating blessings and prayers.

Iona coastal fields looking toward Mull across the sea

Pricing and dates

Join us Sunday 19 March on Zoom at 4pm UK time / check local time, until around 6.30pm.

If you are unable to be there, we will send you a replay.

Celebrate the Celtic Year, including replays of a year of festivals £175

What to bring with you

  • A journal to write in
  • A candle to light for our sacred time together
  • An open heart that welcomes new possibilities and celebrates the Spring Equinox in the Spirit of Iona!
David Spangler

About David Spangler

David Spangler, is an author and lecturer who, along with Peter Caddy, was a co-director of the Community from 1970 to 1973. Believing that the time had come to ‘start growing people’ alongside the magical Findhorn gardens, David created the education department at the Foundation before leaving to return to the USA, where he co-founded the Lorian Association.

He is an author of over 25 books and is a soul friend and advisor to many communities, groups, leaders and spiritual teachers over the past 50 years.

Katherine Collis

About Katherine Collis

Katherine Collis is a Findhorn Fellow who lived in the Community in the early 1970s and has maintained a close relationship over the decades. Upon leaving she moved to the United States as part of the founding of the Lorian Association – a sister organisation to the Findhorn Foundation.

Katherine has a background in adult education, gerontology, human and spiritual development and works as a spiritual counsellor, retreat leader and teacher. She has a 50 year relationship with the Isle of Iona where she has led annual retreats and conference groups with a focus on Celtic Spirituality and its vision of the sacredness at the heart of all life.

Katherine lives in Santa Barbara, California where she partners with her husband Roger in mentoring groups and individuals.

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