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Join us on Samhain on Sunday 30th October

Explore who you’ve been and who you are becoming at this transitional time of Samhain with guest Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Archetypes, dreams and synchronicities provide depth and direction, especially during times of transition when one phase of life shifts into the next. When soul and purpose come together, when we follow a path with heart, then we are on course.

— Jean Shinoda Bolen

Jean is a psychiatrist, jungian analyst and an internationally known author and speaker. She has written many books, amongst these is ‘Crossing to Avalon’, which depicts her journey to Glastonbury, Findhorn and the Isle of Iona, uncovering gems of Celtic wisdom which speaks to the threshold moments of our time.

What does Iona have to teach about our own transitions?

Iona has always been known as a place ‘where the veils are thin’, where there is not much between ‘this world and the other’, an island ‘between heaven and earth’. Likewise as we celebrate Samhain (better known to us as Halloween) we honour that time of the Celtic year when the divisions between the old and new year dissolve. Be with us as we cross the threshold into what was once celebrated as the festival of entering ‘no time’.

Jean Bolen

How are you spending the energies of your life?

Take time to pause between what has been and what will be. Use this festival as a moment of choice in your life. What are the gifts of spirit and vision that come to us, inspire us, guide us when we find ourselves standing in-between, when we go beyond the everyday sense of time and touch the eternal, connecting with realms of angels, archetypes and ancestors.

During this session we will further delve into the Celtic understanding of the three worlds and how our experiences of liminal time and places open the doors to our souls and transform us. We will explore how this journey of personal transformation will help us navigate these days of collective transformation.

Pricing and dates

Join us Sunday 30 October on Zoom at 4pm UK time, until around 6.30pm.

Please DOUBLE CHECK YOUR LOCAL START TIME HERE as the UK has moved into winter time today.

If you are unable to be there, we will send you a replay.

Book Now £25

Celebrate the Celtic Year £175

While our facilitators are here to support participants during events and courses, they are not trained therapists. We are not a therapy centre and the programmes are not designed for those needing therapeutic support.

What to bring with you

  • A list of those you know who have recently crossed over (can bring list of names, photos, or make a collage of photos)
  • A list of those families you know who are pregnant and or have had children recently (can bring list of names, photos, or make a collage of photos)
  • A journal to write in
  • A candle to light for our sacred time together
  • An open heart that welcomes new possibilities
Book your place and celebrate Samhain in the Spirit of Iona!
Katherine Collis

About Katherine Collis

Katherine Collis is a Findhorn Fellow who lived in the Community in the early 1970s and has maintained a close relationship over the decades. Upon leaving she moved to the United States as part of the founding of the Lorian Association – a sister organisation to the Findhorn Foundation.

Katherine has a background in adult education, gerontology, human and spiritual development and works as a spiritual counsellor, retreat leader and teacher. She has a 50 year relationship with the Isle of Iona where she has led annual retreats and conference groups with a focus on Celtic Spirituality and its vision of the sacredness at the heart of all life.

Katherine lives in Santa Barbara, California where she partners with her husband Roger in mentoring groups and individuals.

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