A celebration of Beltane in the Spirit of Iona held on 1st May 2022

Discover a deeper meaning to the ancient festival of Beltane, as we celebrate a sense of homecoming to who we truly are.

You are wholeheartedly invited to join our worldwide Findhorn family as we begin a journey of pilgrimage into the heart of Celtic spirituality, celebrating Beltane together.

This is an opportunity for you to awaken more fully, see in new ways, develop different approaches to daily living and discover yourself as a source of healing and blessing.

The festival of Beltane is a celebration of beauty, of light, of hope fulfilled – a time to behold the miracle of new life as it emerges from the cold and dark. Likewise, it is a time of blossoming in our own hearts, dreams and fires of creative imagination, a time for tending the potential that now seeks its expression – within our own lives and the life of the world around us.

Our deeper nature may be hidden beneath the layers of our lives – our roles, our responsibilities, our outer sense of identity. As we peel back the layers, we find ourselves connecting with a deeper part of who we are.

Over 50 years Katherine Collis has seen people step onto the Isle of Iona and inexplicably experience this strong sense of homecoming. And this has inspired her to create these Spirit of Iona offerings, exploring how Celtic spirituality can help reconnect and ground us into a greater wholeness of being.

This is part of a series of eight sessions inspired by the Spirit of Iona, running through the year on the Celtic, equinox and solstice festivals.

Katherine Collis

about the 'Spirit of Iona' series



We would love you to join us, as we celebrate this deeper meaning of Beltane

Experience that feeling of coming home to your authentic self, to who you really are, to your gifts, to your soul.

Katherine and guests will create a sacred space for you to explore how your inner life aligns with the seasonal cycles. We will write poetry together, practice journaling, create artwork and dream. We will share with one another, and listen, as we deepen into peace, prayer and pilgrimage and, through that, further discover our purpose within the whole.

Our special guest for this session is Juliet Spohn Twomey, a scholar, friend and former Director of La Casa Maria, a inter-spiritual retreat and conference centre in Santa Barbara, California, we will explore how the Spirit of Iona has inspired and guided countless individuals over centuries in their life calling and work. Juliet believes that Celtic Spirituality speaks to our current moment of need and offers us hope.

Joining us from the Findhorn Foundation are Dell Horler and Geoff Dalglish, who both have had profound and mysterious experiences while holding retreats on Iona over the years. They’ll share how the isle has inspired different journeys for each of them.

Join us next Sunday 1 May on Zoom at 4pm UK time, until around 6.30pm.

Across the world this will be:
8am PDT / 9am MDT / 11am EDT and Ottawa / 5pm Cape Town / 8.30pm Delhi / 11pm AWST / and AEST 1am Monday.

If you are unable to be there, we will send you a replay.

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In our first ‘Spirit of Iona:Beltane’ session, we are called to a homecoming to who we really are

The fires of Beltane are a powerful metaphor for the burning away of winter and the celebration of new growth, flowering and the promise of harvest to come. As we come out of a Covid wintertime – a time of disruption, uncertainty and disconnection, this ancient Celtic festival can help us remember the deeper meaning and beauty of our lives, revealing what is now blossoming within us and our world.

There is no better day than Beltane to begin this new programme in the ‘Spirit of Iona’, one which celebrates the wisdom of the Celtic world as it helps us remember, discover meaning and reveal the beauty of our true selves. And like the Maypole dances which survive to this day, it is a time of reweaving the different, polarised and disconnected threads of our lives back into a united whole.

For many, wherever they may come from, the Isle of Iona (off the West Coast of Scotland) evokes this strong sense of homecoming and belonging. We will explore that sense of homecoming and return to ourselves, into that place which is blessed, safe and held by the spirit of the sacred.

This event is part of a series of eight rich and vibrant sessions with Katherine Collis and guests, held on the Celtic seasonal holidays and on the solar festivals. Each session will focus on a particular theme and aspect of Iona as well as honouring the power of aligning ourselves with nature’s cycles and the presence of the earth. You can celebrate one or celebrate all.

What is Beltane?

What to Expect in this Session

Facilitated by Katherine Collis and guests, we will begin our Beltane celebration with a simple ritual and a time of reflection.

We will learn about the sacred Isle of Iona – her geography, historic writings, poetry, art, music, myths and legends, as well as the traditions of creating blessings and prayers.

We will attune to the Isle of Iona, to the sacred earth, and connect with the sacred within the land where you live, wherever you are in the world.

We will build community by sharing our insights and experiences with each other.

Book the Beltane Replay

for £25 to celebrate Beltane in the Spirit of Iona, or find out more about the full year of eight sessions for £175.

What to bring with you to the Beltane session

  • A journal to write in
  • Art materials – paper and paints, crayons, pencils of your choice
  • A candle to light for our sacred time together
  • Flowers to put near the candle
  • An open heart that welcomes new possibilities
Katherine Collis

About Katherine

Katherine Collis is a Findhorn Fellow who lived in the Community in the early 1970s and has maintained a close relationship over the decades. She and her husband Roger were instrumental in Traigh Bhan – the Findhorn Foundation retreat house on Iona – being gifted to the Foundation in 1972.

Upon leaving Scotland she moved to the United States as part of the founding of the Lorian Association – a sister organisation to the Findhorn Foundation.

Katherine has a background in adult education, gerontology, human and spiritual development and works is a spiritual counsellor, retreat leader and teacher. She has a 51-year relationship with the Isle of Iona, where she has led annual retreats and conference groups with a focus on a life enhancing planetary spirituality and the contribution of Celtic wisdom and with its vision of the sacredness at the heart of all life.

Katherine lives in Santa Barbara, California where she partners with her husband Roger in mentoring groups and individuals.

Juliet Spohn Twomey

About Juliet

Juliet Spohn Twomey began delving into Celtic Spirituality in the1990’s when she studied with Matthew Fox at the Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality in Berkely, California.

After becoming Associate Director at La Casa de Maria Conference and Retreat Center in Santa Barbara, California, she continued her interest in Celtic Spirituality with teachers such as Richard Groves – through the Anam Cara program in Dublin, and studies with Fionntulach on the Ceile De tradition, as well as John Philip Newell on pilgrimage to Iona, Scotland.

She believes the teachings of this Celtic tradition speak to our current moment of need and offer us hope.

Let’s Celebrate Beltane Together£25

I have really enjoyed all that you have contributed to this spiritual direction program over the past year!  Thank you!  This has been so perfect for me as an intro to Celtic Spirituality.

EK, Methodist Minister and Life Coach 2019

Your session with us was as much a work of art as it was a session of wisdom level teaching. If my breakout group was any example, your choice of stories and information stirred responses below easy rational levels with a quality of authenticity present in what they each said. Thank you for sharing the journey”

“I was stunned by the tales you told of the sheep touching everyone in the circle on Iona and the wild geese pausing mid-flight to join another circle. What a blessing you’ve been and continue to be to all of us!

PL, Word and Life Study Group 2022

A message of gratitude… A big THANK YOU to Katherine for your help in the workshop “the divine gap“ on Iona and for your intelligent guidance. It was you and the island who helped me make a decision to heal and live

IW, Art Therapist
Iona Retreat Participant

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