How can you find the wonder within?

There is a place in each of us untouched by the turbulence we experience within and around us. An oasis of calm and presence that is always clear and still. It is to this place of wonder that we will travel together through this course, each of us bringing back a sliver of it to galvanize the star-light in our lives.

By accessing this place of wonder, engaging with it and strengthening it, we discover that we are not only living in wonder, we ARE a living wonder.

“Joy is a wise woman whose words are powerful, playful and transformative… Her words didn’t just enter my ears and brain, they suffused my whole being, with grace… I’m [now] more relaxed and open to change, less anxious and negative.”

Previous Soul Infusions online participant, 2022


Return to your deepest spiritual roots

My book, Soul Infusions, Weaving Your Soul’s Light into the Fabric of Every Day, was published in 2015 and this course is based on it and flows from it. The prayers of luminosity reflect the experiences that emerged out of my living in a spiritual community for many years and translate ageless wisdom into
modern mystic-friendly language.

Each session provides an opportunity to slow down, quiet your mind, replenish your reserves in the Findhorn stream, rest in the healing, transformative waters of your soul and allow spirit to gracefully bless your body, mind and heart. You will reassess how you are applying the spiritual truths that are important to you so that you can express your innate wisdom and ground your insights.

Thanks galore for your book Soul Infusions. I can take almost any line of it, and find it a guide for living a full life.

Wow! It’s great.

Dorothy Maclean – Findhorn Community Co-Founder and Author

Tree with sunlight coming through the green leaves

Come to this course ready to listen deeply

Consider each session your time for soul-alignment, exploring the path you are on, and clarifying the direction you need to take. The invocations provide a framework for you to anchor a daily contemplative practice and allow your inner world to be more active, animated and alive! As you listen deeply, you will recognize what no longer serves, and engage with and embody the wonder in you.

You will participate as yourself and also as a thread within the fabric of the soul of humanity. You bring your healing gifts, your knowledge, what you are going through, your willingness to shift perspective, to imagine the extraordinary and to express the wonder in you. Together we will release old doubts, engage with the treasures in ourselves and others, boost our community spirit while enhancing our own aliveness and vitality.

Apply spiritual truths to your life

The ten sessions are divided into five modules, with an Angel® Card or two to accompany each and a dozen prayers, meditations, applications and blessings.

We will meet as a whole group with Joy twice a month. On alternating weeks we will have the opportunity to get together in smaller integration groups to dive deeper and share with one another what has arisen after the whole group session.

We also encourage forming intimate sharing trios with deep listening buddies for ongoing application of the material. We will have a dedicated ‘course hub’ to rewatch our sessions, discuss together what we have learnt and with additional material to support the journey.

By using the time outside of the sessions for personal and spiritual work at home, you can weave the insights that surface during each session into the unfolding fabric of your life in effective and sustainable ways. This course is an organic experience that will help keep your intentions on a gentle simmer to bring more of your soul into every single day, so that you can experience more joy, purpose and passion in your life.


Enjoy these words from Joy’s book Soul Infusions

Joy says: “You will see yourself through a wonder lens which will root you in the Love realm and help you carry your infiniteness and finiteness and your spirituality and humanity in ways that allow your soul’s qualities to gradually infuse your personality.”

Tuesdays from 21 February till 25 April from 6-8pm UK/ see your local time

Price: £290 (includes a FREE copy of Soul Infusions book pdf)

If it would be a financial hardship to attend at this price, please apply for financial assistance through our Education Support Fund

Replays will be made available for all sessions incase you can’t attend some of the dates.

Engage the wonder in you:

Angel of Adventure - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

New Beginnings

Angel of Adventure
Tuesday 21 February

Your life is a grand adventure. Take risks. Explore the unknown. Journey forth into the great wide open without pre-planned outcomes.

Replay available after session.

Angel of Transformation - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

Activating Change

Angel of Transformation
Tuesday 21 March

Change happens when you take responsibility for your awareness and apply it to your everyday life, small moment by small moment.

Replay available after session.

Angel of Risk - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

Beyond our Lines

Angel of Risk
Tuesday 18th April

Step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Be bold, visible, and mindfully daring. Dance with uncertainty and live your life to the fullest.

Replay available after session.

Angel of Authenticity - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

Uniquely Alive!

Angel of Authenticity
Tuesday 7 March

Add your unique ingredients to the mix. Be real. Express yourself. Uncloak your originality and manifest your pure potential.

Replay available after session.

Angel of Presence - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

Liberating Practices

Angel of Presence
Tuesday 4th April

Your thoughts create. Your actions matter. Your presence changes everything. Align with your essence. Know your place, stand up fully in yourself, and greet each moment afresh.

Replay available after session.

Angel card pictures by permission © Angel Cards are copyright Tyler and Drake. All rights reserved. For information:

Joy Drake

Bridge the gap between subtle worlds and your everyday life with Joy Drake

“Settings that call me to my highest and allow me to process, explore and become more present in my life are my favorite places to be. I love bringing people into inspirational spaces, helping them access their own untapped wisdom and open new pathways.”

A life-changing experience in her 20s, coupled with her commitment to be of service to the planet, led her to the Findhorn Foundation and the co-creation in 1978 of the original Game of Transformation® and the Angel® Cards.

Joy’s compassionate presence, her belief that every person carries within them a reservoir of incredible wisdom, and her dedication to grace-filled change, are gifts she brings to her workshops, and which enrich and guide her own life.

In addition to facilitating Games she offers individual mentoring and innovative Soul-Weaving sessions, energized by spiritual colleagues, which inspire clients to expand their authentic presence, deepen their heart skills, and develop intuitive soul care.

“I loved working with Joy on a question that has burned in me for a long time. I feel the whole process has helped me in ways that other modalities could not because it took me out of my head and into my soul which has the power to heal.”

— One-to-one coaching client

Soul Infusions is another gift from the creator of The Game of Transformation and the Angel Cards. Here you will find nuggets of inspiration and grace that will bring blessing into your daily life and add to any spiritual practice you may have. Joy brings to us in this book a wonderful serving of exactly what her name suggests.

David Spangler – Spiritual Philosopher, Teacher and Author

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