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Nourish your Spirit in Sustainable Ways

In these transitional times, we are each called to let go of outmoded ways of being, thinking and acting, and recalibrate to the new evolutionary patterning that is seeking expression in and through us. In this Soul Infusions programme we will explore what is involved in this upgrade. We will clarify, initiate and ground the changes we each need to make, and plant, tend and nourish new seeds in our inner gardens.

How can you infuse your life with more of your uniqueness?

Soul Infusions is based on Joy Drake’s book, Soul Infusions: Weaving our Soul’s Light into the Fabric of Every Day, which you will receive with this course. It’s a series of four classes that tap into the experience of opening to spirit and alignment with your purpose. Join Joy, co-creator of the Angel® Cards and The Transformation Game® for some personal nourishment and inspiration. Each Soul Infusions session will be your time for soul-alignment, to explore the path you are on, and to clarify the direction you need to take. It’s an opportunity to be quiet, listen to what’s inside, and speak from your heart.

Thanks galore for your book Soul Infusions. I can take almost any line of it, and find it a guide for living a full life.

Wow! It’s great.

Dorothy Maclean – Findhorn Community Co-Founder and Author

Sun filtering through orange trees in autumn/fall

Bring spirituality into each day

Each week, starting 24 November, we will explore the themes outlined in one of the sections of Joy’s Soul Infusions workbook; New Beginnings, Uniquely Alive, Activating Change or Liberating Practices. We will come together to release old doubts, charge our energies, discover new wonders in ourselves and others, elevate our spirits through community, and enhance our aliveness and vitality.

Live consciously with deep listening

We will practise deep inner listening, letting spirit speak, journaling and sharing insights with others. By connecting with your soul’s light in a supportive atmosphere, you can connect with deeper layers of your own wisdom and experience the freedom of intuitively expressing your authentic self.

Follow your inner guidance by taking intuitive action

You will be invited to reassess how you are applying spiritual principles that are important to you, to receive guidance to bridge any gaps between your ideal and actual selves, and to awaken to your natural wisdom and authentic expression. The Soul Infusions online course is an opportunity to tap into and express your inner knowing, shift outdated patterns, and ground your insights in your everyday life.

Oak tree leaves in spring

Soul Infusions is a spiritual treasure. It is an inspired guide into the inner sanctuary of your soul. Everyone who reads this will feel blessed.

Caroline Myss – Author and Spiritual Teacher

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Invite your Soul to show you the way

Soul Infusions reflects the wellspring of inspiration that has flowed out from Joy’s years of creating and facilitating the deeply spiritual Transformation Game and co-partnering with Angels. This brand new online programme takes the essence of this work, the flame of transformation, and puts it on simmer throughout the course so you can:

  • Replenish your reserves and resources and go deeper.
  • Move with deep inner connectedness and support.
  • Honour your own pace and unfolding process.
  • Cultivate the divine on earth in new ways.
  • Discover ways to live more fully, authentically and enjoyably as yourself.

Soul Infusions is the distillation that emerged out of Joy’s many years in a spiritual community. It links the present of then with the present of now and allows the potent emerging, transformative impulse to have its say and its way right here and right now. It supports a meditative approach and practice that allows your inner world to be more active, animated and alive!

Awaken to your true self

Soul Infusions offers you a framework to ground and anchor a daily contemplative and integrative practice. As you align your body, mind, heart and soul you allow yourself to come into harmony with the pattern shifts that are occurring, and invite the universe to direct you from within.

This programme offers you a direct experience of your true self. It encourages you to let anything other than the divine drop away, tap into your life stream, and take loving care of what’s available to you. It’s an opportunity for you to intentionally slow down, relax and receive many blessings on your path as you add your grace to the world.

Engage the wonder in you:

Angel of Adventure - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

New Beginnings

Angel of Adventure
Thursday 24th November

Your life is a grand adventure. Take risks. Explore the unknown. Journey forth into the great wide open without pre-planned outcomes.

Angel of Transformation - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

Activating Change

Angel of Transformation
Thursday 8th December

Change happens when you take responsibility for your awareness and apply it to your everyday life, small moment by small moment.

Angel of Authenticity - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

Uniquely Alive!

Angel of Authenticity
Thursday 1st December

Add your unique ingredients to the mix. Be real. Express yourself. Uncloak your originality and manifest your pure potential.

Angel of Presence - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake

Liberating Practices

Angel of Presence
Thursday 15th December

Your thoughts create. Your actions matter. Your presence changes everything. Align with your essence. Know your place, stand up fully in yourself, and greet each moment afresh.

Angel card pictures by permission © Angel Cards are copyright Tyler and Drake. All rights reserved. For information:

Joy Drake

Bridge the gap between subtle worlds and your everyday life with Joy Drake

“Settings that call me to my highest and allow me to process, explore and become more present in my life are my favorite places to be. I love bringing people into inspirational spaces, helping them access their own untapped wisdom and open new pathways.”

A life-changing experience in her 20s, coupled with her commitment to be of service to the planet, led her to the Findhorn Foundation and the co-creation in 1978 of the original Game of Transformation® and the Angel® Cards.

Joy’s compassionate presence, her belief that every person carries within them a reservoir of incredible wisdom, and her dedication to grace-filled change, are gifts she brings to her workshops, and which enrich and guide her own life.

In addition to facilitating Games she offers individual mentoring and innovative Soul-Weaving sessions, energized by spiritual colleagues, which inspire clients to expand their authentic presence, deepen their heart skills, and develop intuitive soul care.

“I loved working with Joy on a question that has burned in me for a long time. I feel the whole process has helped me in ways that other modalities could not because it took me out of my head and into my soul which has the power to heal.”

— One-to-one coaching client

Soul Infusions is another gift from the creator of The Game of Transformation and the Angel Cards. Here you will find nuggets of inspiration and grace that will bring blessing into your daily life and add to any spiritual practice you may have. Joy brings to us in this book a wonderful serving of exactly what her name suggests.

David Spangler – Spiritual Philosopher, Teacher and Author

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