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Service Weeks at the Findhorn Foundation


Service Weeks give you the opportunity to come to the Foundation and lend a hand while giving yourself the gift of practising love in action. The price charged for these weeks covers your food, accommodation and admin fees, making it an affordable way to spend time in the community. The weeks also include an outing, time for personal sharings and are a good way to meet people living here. Join us for an active week of fun, focus, service and creativity.

A Gift to Cluny: Spring Clean Celebration
Do you feel drawn to offer your energy as a gift to the wonderful Cluny and all the people who benefit from being here? This week will be a time of purification and renewal as we complete tasks and play together to clean and

In Tune with Nature: Springtime Abundance in Cluny Garden
As the natural world arises from her winter rest and bursts into its spring blossoms and fresh green leaves, we invite you to join us in a hands-on gardening week in Cluny. These will be seven days of love in action, working in

Coming Home to the Garden Gardening at The Park
As the natural world around us displays its autumn splendour and we finish harvesting the abundance of summer, we invite you to join us in a hands-on gardening week in The Park. We will put our love into action tidying the