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The Findhorn Foundation and Community's 50th Birthday Celebrations

Now you can join online this event with the Findhorn Foundation and Community, happening live in the Universal Hall, Findhorn, 12th to 18th November 2012. This event will be a celebration, reflection and exploration of the first 50 years of this centre of light and love.

Recognising that not everyone is able to travel here to attend these celebrations in person, we are delighted to bring elements of the 50th Birthday Week to you by way of a real-time webcast, Findhorn Live. This is the third event that we are webcasting live from the Universal Hall.

What you will get when you book . . .

When you have registered you’ll click through to a dedicated webpage, which will look something like this:

There you will have access to:

  • real-time streaming of all the sessions shown to the right, including the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • high quality multi-camera video and audio recording
  • fullscreen video viewing option
  • realtime chatroom forum with other online participants*
  • during breaks and outside of scheduled session times the option to view a selection of video films about the Findhorn Foundation and Community*
Price: by donation

*Note: The live chat and recorded videos are currently unavailable for viewing on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android. However, the live video feed is, and can be viewed full screen.

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Please register here to gain access to the Findhorn Live video streaming channel.

To register for this event you simply choose a username and password and enter your contact details. From then on, you can sign in using this page at any time to gain immediate access to live streaming for this event.

This event is being offered free of charge to our current and ex-members and our Resource People.

If you feel inspired to make a donation to support our work and vision as we move into the next 50 years, you are welcome to do so via our online portal here.

Note: You are registering for the Findhorn Foundation and Community's 50th Birthday Celebrations from 12th to 18th November 2012 only. For future live events there may be an additional fee for each event.


Session 1: Mon 12th Nov, 3pm-5pm GMT
Session 2: Mon 12th Nov, 8pm-9.30pm GMT
Session 3: Tue 13th Nov, 8pm-9.30pm GMT
Session 4: Fri 16th Nov, 8pm-9.30pm GMT
Session 5: Sat 17th Nov, 2pm-3.45pm GMT
Session 6: Sat 17th Nov, 8pm-9.30pm GMT
Session 7: Sun 18th Nov, 3pm-5.00pm GMT