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14 September 2015

Drew Dellinger

Cosmology, Poetry, Ecology and Justice

Drew’s moving and inspiring poetry was a popular highlight of last September’s New Story Summit. Now Drew returns to Findhorn and, for one night only, will be exploring themes directly related to the enquiry into the new story as he asks: what are the connections between the ecological crisis and the power of story? How can we build movements that put social justice at the centre of cultural transformation for the future of the planet?

7 - 9 November 2015

Caroline Myss

The Essential Guide for Healers and Healing

The healing arts are now a part of our culture. We have changed and have shifted to the age of energy, to the age of the psyche and spirit. We have awakened our inner senses and are struggling to integrate intuition, emotional sensing, dream knowledge, and other energy senses with our rational five senses. Our intuition clearly tells us that we follow an inherent whole system design that continually seeks balance.

Recent Events

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6-10 July 2015

GEN+20 Summit

Living the New Story

"We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future … To move forward we must recognise that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny...."
Preamble, The Earth Charter

Organised by GEN in partnership with Gaia Education, the Findhorn Foundation and New Findhorn Association, the GEN+20 Summit is an invitation to celebrate 20 years of walking our talk.          

Access available till 1st Sept 2015

27 June 2015

James Finley

Little Things That Fill the Whole World - A Contemplative Retreat with James Finley

This is an opportunity to reflect upon little things in everyday life that help us experience the mystical dimensions of daily living. James will suggest simple methods of meditation to help us explore each little thing the retreat focuses on. Time will be given for short periods of silent group meditation and discussion of the themes presented.

Access available till 1st Sept 2015


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