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7 - 9 November 2015

Caroline Myss

The Essential Guide for Healers and Healing

The healing arts are now a part of our culture. We have changed and have shifted to the age of energy, to the age of the psyche and spirit. We have awakened our inner senses and are struggling to integrate intuition, emotional sensing, dream knowledge, and other energy senses with our rational five senses. Our intuition clearly tells us that we follow an inherent whole system design that continually seeks balance.

We feel compelled to learn that design:

    What does it mean to be whole?
  • What type of power do thoughts have?
  • How do thoughts and attitudes and beliefs impact our physical body?
  • What is the nature of our energetic anatomical system and how do we incorporate that system into healing?

In this workshop, Caroline Myss offers guidelines for healers and for people who are in the experience of healing. She has organised it as an intensive and has included a sample of the topics that she will be covering in depth:

  • What you need to know about yourself as someone in the healing field
  • Examining your own beliefs
  • The Mystical Laws and healing
  • Chakras/the Mansions of the Soul/the Sacraments as healing archetypes
  • Exploring the multiple facets of energy healing
  • Energy versus grace
  • The Wounded Healer Archetype
  • Your personal practice
  • The role of prayer
  • Working with a client
  • Healing yourself
  • Laying on of hands
  • Healing at a distance

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16 January 2016

NFANFA Community Grand Sharing - BY DONATION

Join in with the community this January for a collaborative evening of song, dance comedy and more! Come to the Universal Hall for this spectacular show on the night or watch the action online with Findhorn Live.

This event is being run as a training excercise for those who have been on our Findhorn Live camera training course.

We will be streaming this Community Grand Sharing for free, although donations are very welcome.


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Looking forward to meeting you through Findhorn Live.

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