Please read the Bookings information page carefully before completing this form. If you do not wish to book online by credit card, please print out a booking form and post or fax it to us.

We will do our best to respond to you by email within 48 hours provided that it is during our normal working week, so please check that your email address has been entered in this form. Alternatively, we will write to you to confirm your booking.

Our programmes require a minimum age of 18 years for participation unless otherwise stated in the programme description.

NOTE: Items in red must be completed for this form to be processed.

You have chosen to make bookings for the following:

Title Start date End Date  
The Sacred Stage Saturday, 14th October, 2017 Friday, 10th November, 2017

PERSONAL DETAILS (couples may apply jointly):

Family name  (Person 1):
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First name  (Person 1):
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There are three different types of pricing for workshops, courses and events:
Single price - a fixed price.
Dual price - where if the booking is made before a certain date you get a price discount.
Tiered Price - when you book, please choose the high, medium or lower price listed for your programme, based on your personal circumstances.

The pricing for each of the bookings you have chosen is shown below.

Title Start date
The Sacred Stage Sat, 14th Oct, 2017

Tiered Price

£ 2780

£ 2350

£ 2180


You have chosen a programme or workshop where it is necessary to include an introductory letter telling us about yourself.

This introductory letter is your first step into the spirit of your chosen programme, and helps the facilitators to get to know you and prepare the programme. If you are a couple, or a family making a booking together, please will each one of you write a separate letter. Most people write between one and two pages. Here are a few guidelines to help you when writing your letter:

1. It does not need to be a CV or a literary exercise! Mistakes in language do not matter, it is more important that you write a letter from the heart.

2. Include your age and, in your own words, an outline of your present life (this could cover your present circumstances, your life choices, those people who are important to you, what inspires you, your joys and challenges, and so on).

3. Describe your reasons for wanting to participate in this course.

4. If you have – or have had – any emotional or health difficulties, we would like to know if and how these are affecting your life now.

5. Finally, please write or type the letter yourself. We will treat it as confidential (and suggest you do the same, if this helps you, when you are writing and posting it).

I/We wish to send my/our introductory letter: by email by post

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Send letter electronically

Most accommodation is in shared rooms, with bed linen and towels provided. A single room may be available, but is not guaranteed.

I would prefer a single room if available (£20 per night):
Yes No

If booking as a couple, do you prefer single beds or a double bed?

For a list of local B&B's please click here.


Please read the information concerning pay agreements and our Financial Support Fund on our Bookings information page.

I/We would like to contribute £ to the Financial Support Fund to allow those with less money to attend our workshops. This contribution will be taken from your credit/debit card at the time the deposit for the programme is taken. Please include it in the "Total I wish to pay now" amount below.

I/We would like to apply for a bursary and understand that the Findhorn Foundation has limited funds to support those in need. Our Bookings Office will send you an application form to be completed and returned​. Please select to pay only the deposit for now. Your booking will not be processed and no money will be taken until your bursary application has been finalised.

To confirm your booking, we require:
A £95 non-refundable deposit per person. Please remember that payment in full is required four weeks before the starting date of your programme.
Your credit card details are stored on our secure server using data encryption. Your credit card will be debited manually by our bookings team when they confirm your application.

I intend to pay the following:

Title Start date
Payment options
The Sacred Stage Sat, 14th Oct, 2017
Full Payment  
A £95 non-refundable deposit per person
(remainder of payment to be paid before Sat, 16th Sep, 2017)
(for Iona programmes - please pay only your deposit)

Please sum up your payment options and enter the amount you wish to pay below:

Total I wish to Pay Now (£):
Please note that on the next screen when you enter your card details, your card will be authorised, but we will not take the payment until your booking has been confirmed.

Is there any medical history we should know about? Yes No
If yes, please with details, or write to us.
We particularly need to know of a) any physical disabilities so that we may accommodate you appropriately, b) any infectious disease you have or suspect you may have, or c) if you need special medical or therapeutic care. All answers will be treated as confidential.



I have read the booking information and the travel information and understand that -

The Findhorn Foundation is situated at two sites five miles apart: The Park, near Findhorn village and Cluny Hill, in Forres.
On receipt of my booking, I will be told at which site my programme will be and where I am to go for registration at the beginning of the programme.
Accommodation is simple and generally shared (this is part of the community experience) with bed linen and towels provided. I can request a single room if I choose to pay a supplement, but this room cannot usually be guaranteed in advance.
Meals are mostly vegetarian. Very occasionally we may serve meat or fish. Vegetarian, vegan, wheat free, gluten free, sugar free and alcohol free alternatives are available on request. Unfortunately, we cannot cater for any other dietary requirements, including those of people with coeliac disease.
My £95 deposit is non-refundable. The balance of my payment must be received four weeks before the starting date of my programme. If I cancel after this date, I will receive a refund of 50% of what I have already paid, but none of my deposit will be returned. If I cancel within one week of the start of the programme, there is no refund. I am responsible for taking out travel insurance in case I need to change my plans.
I am responsible for my own travel arrangements and am aware that the travel information page can help me, especially with local details.
I understand that the Findhorn Foundation is not a healing or therapy centre and that I am responsible for maintaining my own wellbeing. I will inform my focalisers if I have any health issues and will ensure that I bring with me, and continue to take, an adequate supply of any prescription medicine. I understand that the highlands of Scotland are home to ticks and have read the information at the Government Public Health website.
I will not take any illegal drugs and will not abuse legal drugs or alcohol.
I will not smoke in Foundation property except in designated areas.

Please tick here:



Filled out all relevant parts of this form

Sent your introductory letter if applicable to your programme (preferably as an email submitted from this page), or else faxed or posted

Stated your payment for each programme: either full payment, or a £95 deposit for each programme

If applying for financial support, stated how much you are able to pay