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I am delighted to welcome you to an Extraordinary Ordinary day!

A day in which we will include in our usual Saturday, moments on our own and times together, when we soften and open… and let Nature in.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medical Dayclock, different useful elemental energies are available to us at different times. Our meetings together will be based around key periods on the clock. For example, the Fire element, useful for digestion, calming the heart and much else besides, is strong at Noon – so our second meeting is at Noon so we can practise accordingly…and so on.

The day is about self-enquiry and you will be set Journaling tasks throughout the day which you may wish to complete after each session or, if you are busy at some convenient time.

It was a brilliant day and very clearly run. I felt benefit the next day – more centred, grounded and (I had) increased energy

Joanna L. (Participant) November 2022

Glowing sunset on Findhorn Beach

Following the Traditional Chinese Medical Dayclock

We will be introducing ‘anchors’ short easy reminders to work with the time of day. For example, in your ordinary life, you may not be able to practise Qigong at 4 p.m (when Water energy is around and when humans are often tired), but you could imagine the colour blue – the colour vibration for Water – and even the acceptance of tiredness and knowing this is relatively normal at this time of day, can help.

You will be sent full joining instructions and the requirements for each session in advance and through timely reminders.

We will spend our day going about our usual business whilst, through Qigong, regularly softening to, and connecting with, the different subtle energies and elements available to us at specific times according to the Traditional Chinese Medical Dayclock.

Saturday 25 February 7am – 9pm UK/ see your local time

Price: £45

If it would be a financial hardship to attend at this price, please apply for financial assistance through our Education Support Fund

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Sunrise over the labyrinth in the dunes behind the Findhorn Ecovillage

Session One

Morning Qigong (Earth)
7am – 8am

  • Welcome and check in : setting objectives and intentions for the day
  • Some words about the Elemental ‘flavour’ of this time of day.
  • Opening Meditation
  • Do-In and Self Massage
  • Qigong movements and vibrations for the element of Earth
  • Closing circle and Journaling task

Please bring a careful chosen stone that fits in your hand – to use as a weight.

People at an attunement in a circle in Cullerne Garden in the sun

Session Two

Sun at its Height (Yang Fire)
12pm – 12:40pm

  • Check in and reflections about this time of day the element of Fire
  • Digestive Qigong
  • Calming the Shen
  • Internal Qigong for the Heart
  • Group Heart Fire movement
  • Calling in Yang Fire Qigong
  • Reflection and closing circle

Bring a lit candle to this session and your Journal

Session Three

Rest the Bones! (Water)
4pm – 4:40pm

  • Check in and some words about the element of Water and this time of day for you.
  • Internal Qigong for the Kidneys
  • The MicroCosmic Circuit – renewing the reservoir!
  • A supine form with words about the elemental flavour of this time of day
  • Reflection and closing circle.

Bring a mat and some books to this session. Also a glass of water. Bring your Journal!

Red orange sunset over the sea at Iona

Session Four

Evening Qigong (Yin Fire)
8:30pm – 9pm

  • A Qigong form particularly for the evening time – when we ‘close down’ in preparation for sleep and so a very brief check in and words about the element of Yin Fire and your ordinary evening.
  • Closing our day together – just a few words, if any..zzzzzzz!

Please bring a chair without arms or a stool to the session and your Journal.

Sally Ibbotson

Sally started her career in Complimentary Medicine in 1993, qualifying as a Massage Therapist with the Gerda Boysen Institute and as a Counsellor with the Centre for the Advancement in Counselling. Seeking depth to her work and more of a spiritual dimension, she studied Shiatsu between the years of 1995 and 2001 and, on qualifying undertook post-graduate study which resulted in a Teacher qualification in Qigong. Qigong had been taught to undergraduate Shiatsu practitioners as a means to keeping our own energy intact whilst treating clients.

Sally has studied Qigong under many Teachers and herself taught in the NHS. Specifically, she worked in the Therapies team at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London for 6 years where she taught Qigong as part of our pain management programme. During this time. she studied and qualified with Mark Peters in Birmingham. Mark is responsible for creating a rehabilitation pathway within the NHS which includes Qigong on site and in the community.

I remain passionate about bringing Qigong into people’s ordinary daily life. I currently teach online, design personal Qigong prescriptions and run retreats.

It felt like a holiday for me – it was good to have the reminders (to be still) as I can get easily lost in my daily life

Ramona Haetzer (Participant) December 2022

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